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The debut trailer for Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3 (officially titled Deadpool and Wolverine) confirmed some big connection to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) from Tom Hiddleston"s Disney+ series, Loki.
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The TVA Show up on Wade Wilson"s DoorstepThe new Deadpool and Wolverine teaser wastes no time revealing to audiences that the TVA is here to play, as, by the 20-second mark, the Multiversal agency is heard knocking on Wade Wilson"s door.
While Wade tries to resist, it quickly becomes clear he is outmatched.
MarvelHe next finds himself in front of Matthew Macfayden"s TVA Agent Paradox, who quickly introduces Deadpool to the MCU. According to him, this is Wade"s chance to "be a hero among heroes."
The reasoning behind the TVA"s visit doesn"t seem to be pruning like their previous MO. Instead, it sure sounds like they are recruiting for something.
MarvelThe next thing audiences know is that Deadpool has declared himself Marvel Jesus and is parading around the TVA with his new bright red outfit.
The TVA is not having it, though, as the hero soon finds himself in The Void, as seen in Loki Season 1, Episode 5.
Wade Wilson is then fighting some off-screen threats as a destroyed 20th Century Studios sign lies in the rubble behind him.
The hero even gets to meet Alioth, whose purple fog can be seen snatching up a poor TVA agent.
The final shot of the trailer shows Deadpool lying on the ground (assumedly still in The Void) as the shadow of Wolverine, claws extended, is cast over him.
The Signs of TVA"s Impending Involvement in Deadpool 3For those who have kept up with coverage of Deadpool 3 as it has been going through production, the involvement of the TVA should not be a big surprise.
The possibility was first brought to light in an unverified rumor back in December 2022, that claimed the TVA would factor heavily in the film.
Another unverified rumor in February 2023 claimed the third Deadpool movie would "crack open" the Multiverse, and Wade Wilson"s Merc With a Mouth "is going to be an integral part of the MCU."
Some set photos from July 2023 showcased what seemed to be the production filming in the Void.
The landscape is notably desolate, as seen in the show. But the biggest connection is how the 20th Century Fox logo (showcased in the new trailer) is lying destroyed and discarded in the sand—just like how fans saw a forgotten Avengers Tower, time-traveling Pyramid, and the Thanos copter itself.
There have been a notable amount of scenes from the movie that were filmed in the same area, suggesting there will be a major sequence taking place.
This is also where fans got their first look at Wolverine"s comic-accurate outfit as both he and Wade duke it out.
What Will the TVA Be Up to in Deadpool and Wolverine?After the events of Loki, in theory, timelines shouldn"t be subject to pruning any longer. This would suggest the TVA is up to something else entirely.
Perhaps they"re recruiting heroes for their eventual fight against Kang the Conqueror? It would certainly make sense and set the stage nicely for Avengers: Secret Wars.
With the TVA involved, Loki characters—such as Sophia Di Martino"s Sylvie, Wunmi Mosaku"s Hunter-B15, or Tara Strong"s Miss Minutes—could appear.
As for Tom Hiddleston"s God of Stories himself, he might be a little too busy holding the Multiverse together to show up.
Deadpool and Wolverine is set to hit theaters on July 26.


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