Deadpool & Wolverine Movie Announces 8 Main Cast Members

Deadpool & Wolverine"s cast is comprised of eight main characters and actors so far.
Marvel Studios has one of its most hotly anticipated movies coming up this year with Deadpool 3, which will bring Ryan Reynolds" Wade Wilson into the MCU with a star-studded cast of new and familiar characters.
Just like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans have been running wild with theories and rumors of what familiar characters from Marvel"s past could return for the Deadpool threequel.
Deadpool & Wolverine"s Eight Main Cast MembersThe official Marvel site page for Deadpool & Wolverine revealed the eight main actors who are billed for the MCU blockbuster, which is currently set to hit theaters this year on July 25.
These eight actors and characters are likely to be those with notable screentime, although plenty more are expected to appear in Deadpool 3.
Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson/Deadpool Marvel StudiosLeading the way in Deadpool & Wolverine is Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, aka the titular Merc with a Mouth. Despite now returning under Disney and Marvel Studios as opposed to 20th Century Fox, Deadpool will be back with all the usual fourth-wall-breaking, violence, and R-rated humor fans expect from him.
This time around, Deadpool will be taken on a Multiversal adventure involving Loki"s TVA, setting the course for the MCU and departing the Fox universe. The interdimensional mission comes thanks to his time-meddling in the final moments of Deadpool 2 to save several loved ones and deliver some hilarious gags.
Reynolds has had major roles in Free Guy, The Adam Project, Green Lantern, and the Welcome to Wrexham documentary, which dives into the Welsh soccer club he co-owns with It"s Always Sunny in Philidelphia"s Rob McElhenney.
Hugh Jackman - Logan/Wolverine Marvel StudiosDeadpool will share the titular billing with X-Men icon Wolverine as Hugh Jackman makes his return. And in news that has proven exciting to many, the Australian actor will finally suit up in the iconic yellow and blue suit for the first time after 24 years and over half a dozen appearances in the role. Jackman has gotten more buff than ever for Deadpool & Wolverine as he fills out the comic-accurate Wolverine suit. 
Jackman will serve as the co-lead of the movie, which will take place before he died in 2017"s Logan.
On top of his many appearances as Wolverine in his trilogy and the X-Men movies, Jackman has acted in Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman, and Real Steel.
Emma Corrin - Cassandra Nova (Unconfirmed) Marvel StudiosEmma Corrin is a newcomer to the Deadpool franchise and will debut as the main villain for the Multiversal threequel. The mystery villain appeared in one shot of the trailer where they were shown from behind with a bald head.
Their exact role has yet to be confirmed, but she has been rumored to play Cassandra Nova, the sister of Charles Xavier, aka Professor X. This comes after a report debunked rumors Corrin will play X-Men villain Danger, the physical manifestation of the software that powers the mutant team"s training room.
British actor Corrin is best known for playing Princess Diana in The Crown but has also appeared in Pennyworth and My Policeman.
Morena Baccarin - Vanessa Marvel StudiosMorena Baccarin will reprise her role from the first two Deadpool movies as Vanessa, the love interest to Ryan Reynolds" Wade Wilson. She returns to the franchise after her death in Deadpool 2 which was ultimately undone in the post-credits scene with the help of Cable"s time travel device.
In the trailer, Vanessa was present at a birthday party for Wade where he alluded to having gone through "a challenging few years." It"s unclear how important Baccarin will prove to be to Deadpool & Wolverine once the TVA abducts the Merc with a Mouth from the aforementioned celebratory gathering.
Baccarin has had roles in Homeland, Gotham, The Flash, Firefly, and more.
Rob Delaney - Peter Marvel StudiosRob Delaney was introduced as Peter in Deadpool 2 when he was recruited to join the X-Force, despite having no superpowers and two types of diabetes. While he was initially killed off alongside most of the superhero team, he was another of the friends Wade resurrected in the post-credits scene using time travel.
Once again, Peter will return in the threequel at Wade"s birthday gathering, and his role beyond that is unclear. As Deadpool 3 will be a Multiversal blockbuster, perhaps the mutant duo could bump into a Peter Variant in another universe, maybe even one with some superpowers of his own.
Delaney has appeared in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, Argylle, and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.
Leslie Uggams - Blind Al Marvel StudiosLeslie Uggams" Blind Al was the first returning character teased for Deadpool 3, and she will undoubtedly deliver plenty more emotional support and snarky teasing as Wade Wilson"s former roommate before meeting Vanessa.
While Blind Al will feature at the previously discussed birthday party, it seems unlikely she will have much of a role beyond that once the Multiversal chaos gets underway, unless, of course, a different Variant were to show up.
Uggams will be back on screens ahead of Deadpool 3 in Amazon"s Fallout, with past roles including Roots, American Fiction, and Empire.
Karan Soni - Dopinder Marvel StudiosKaran Soni"s Dopinder has become a staple of the Deadpool franchise since the Merc with a Mouth hopped in his New York City taxi. The pair quickly formed a close bond, and Dopinder has since gone on to drive Deadpool and his mutant comrades into battle on multiple occasions across the first two movies.
The unsurprising addition to the Deadpool 3 cast was revealed in early 2023, and Dopinder returned in the threequel"s trailer, again in attendance at Wade Wilson"s birthday celebration.
Soni took on a second Marvel role last year as Spider-Man India in Across the Spider-Verse, and he is expected to return in Beyond the Spider-Verse.
Matthew Macfadyen - Paradox Marvel StudiosMatthew Macfadyen is another newcomer to the Deadpool franchise, playing the role of Paradox, a TVA agent who will abduct Wade Wilson from his timeline and offer him a "chance to be a hero among heroes."
Paradox appears to be a TVA analyst akin to Owen Wilson"s Morbius from Loki - who has been rumored to appear - and offers Deadpool a chance to enter the MCU as he was shown a reel of clips from across the franchise"s history.
Macfadyen had a leading role in Succession and previously featured in Pride and Prejudice, Ripper Street, and The Three Musketeers.
Deadpool 3"s Other Supporting CharactersAs Marvel listed these eight actors as Deadpool & Wolverine"s main cast members, that would imply they will prove the most important. But in a blockbuster shrouded in as much mystery as this one, anything can happen, and Marvel Studios is bound to deliver plenty of twists and surprise characters.
Outside of the listed characters, Jennifer Garner will reportedly reprise Elektra from Ben Affleck"s Daredevil, and Aaron Stanford"s Pyro made a surprise appearance in the trailer, years after his last Marvel role in X-Men: The Last Stand.
On top of the two titular mutants, three more X-Men heroes have been confirmed to appear including Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna), and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand).
On the less confirmed side, Toad and Sabertooth were revealed to be returning through set photos taking place in Loki"s Void. And speaking of Loki, rumors have claimed Owen Wilson"s Mobius and Tara Strong"s Miss Minutes will feature.
The roster of rumored characters for Deadpool & Wolverine goes far beyond that, with everyone from Patrick Stewart"s Professor X and Ian McKellen"s Magneto to Elizabeth Olsen"s Scarlet Witch having been claimed to be involved. Undoubtedly, fans will be in for shock and thrills when the movie finally arrives.
Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 25.


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