Every Sony Spider-Verse Movie Villain Ranked

  • The Sony Spider-Man Universe has a range of villains, who also drastically range in quality.
  • Venom shines as the best villain in the SSU with a mix of humor and brutality that sets him apart in the comic book genre.
  • Morbius as a character is complex, functioning as both protagonist and villain, making him an intriguing figure within the SSU.
The movies of Sony's Spider-Man Universe have introduced a number of Marvel villains to the big screen, and here they all are, ranked. Starting in 2018 with Venom, the movies of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe make up a Marvel-based franchise parallel to the MCU. Despite occasional crossover teases, the SSU stands independently in its continuity. Based solely on supporting characters from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery in the pages of Marvel Comics, the SSU has established a range of villainous characters on the big screen over the course of multiple movies and narratives.
Though the SSU is set to be expanded through upcoming Marvel movies, including Kraven the Hunter, the shared universe already features many Marvel villains. As much of the franchise so far has been based on the stories of Spider-Man villains, most movies in the universe feature at least two Marvel antagonists, with the likes of Venom and Morbius used more as anti-heroes. However, considering that they primarily act as villains in the comics, they are still classed as such even when acting as protagonists within the SSU. With that in mind, here is every Sony Spider-Verse villain, ranked.
Related 12 Sony Spider-Man Characters We Want To See Join The MCU In Avengers: Secret Wars Several characters from Sony's Spider-Man projects have the potential to join the MCU proper in Marvel Studios' upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars. 10 Lucien Is Ruined As A Villain By Multiple Ridiculous Scenes Morbius (2022) Played by Matt Smith, Lucien – also known as Milo – acts as the primary antagonist of Morbius. Though Morbius’ cast of characters doesn’t feature too many compelling figures, Milo stands out as one of the worst, and also as the worst antagonist in the entirety of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The crux of Milo’s issues ultimately boils down to poor writing, because when he’s not spouting inane dialogue he’s engaging in unexpected vampire dancing that makes him seem far more funny than fearful. Though there’s stiff competition, Milo remains the worst villain of the franchise so far.
Morbius Morbius stars Jared Leto as the enigmatic antihero Michael Morbius set in the Sony Pictures Marvel universe. Afflicted with a terrible illness since his youth, Michael has struggled until he met his new surrogate brother, Lucian, nicknamed Milo (Matt Smith), who shares the same disease. The two bond over the illness, and years later, Michael discovers a potential breakthrough by using a unique gene in vampire bats. When the experiment proves to be a success, it cures Michael of his ailment - however, it also turns him into a bloodthirsty vampire. While Michael aims to curtail his bloodlust, his brother, who has also taken the cure, does not share the same empathy. As a result, Michael will have to manage his powers while trying to stop his brother's murderous rampage.
Director Daniel Espinosa Release Date April 1, 2022 9 Ezekiel Sims Is A Poorly-Written Antagonist Madame Web (2024) Though the film’s many issues have been well chronicled, Madame Web’s cast also boasts one of the Sony Spider-Man Universe’s worst villains. Though he has an interesting and familiar set of powers and aesthetic, Madame Web does very little to make Ezekiel a stand-out villain, instead delivering a relatively standard antagonist with very few specific qualities of note. It’s the lack of any substantial character traits or plot points that ultimately make Ezekiel Sims a poor villain, as he comes across as nothing more than a generic and unremarkable antagonist.
> Madame Web Madame Web is a superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Taking place in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, the movie revolves around a clairvoyant woman who can look into different dimensions. Dakota Johnson stars in the lead role, with Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O'Connor comprising the rest of the cast.
Director S.J. Clarkson Release Date February 14, 2024 8 Shriek Is Interesting, But Under-Explored Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Frances Barrison – also known as Shriek – made her big screen debut in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, played by Naomie Harris. In the film, Frances is a secondary antagonist and partner of Cletus Kasady, who breaks her out of the Ravenscroft Institute. She has the ability to manipulate sound, making her a dangerous adversary for Venom, but unfortunately, she’s a little wasted in Let There Be Carnage. As she’s only a secondary character, Shriek isn’t given the time or attention she deserves, and though she’s interesting, the film doesn’t use her to her full potential.
Venom: Let There Be Carnage In this follow up to 2018's Venom, Tom Hardy returns as the lethal protector Venom, an alien symbiote bonded to Eddie Brock. When Eddie gets a chance to interview one of the most dangerous serial killers on Earth, Cletus Kasady, an altercation between Kasady and Brock. This leads to the former getting his own parasite, and his twisted perception of the world gives life to Carnage, a deadly symbiote hellbent on chaos and death. Brock and Venom will have to work together to stop Kasady and Carnage's murderous rampage.
Director Andy Serkis Release Date October 1, 2021 7 Carlton Drake Is Yet Another Of Cinema's Over-Ambitious CEO Villains Venom (2018) Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake is the human antagonist of 2018’s Venom, the film that officially started Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. He’s an interesting and well-written villain who evokes many real-life figures, owing largely to his role as a visionary CEO and dangerously detached human being who effectively attempts to usher in the end of humanity in his pursuit of progress and profit. Though he’s an excellent character, he’s also written to adhere to an overused stereotype, numbing some of his efficiency as the film’s main antagonist.
Venom Venom is an action sci-fi movie that stars Tom Hardy as the titular Marvel anti-hero. When the Life Foundation begins experimenting on alien lifeforms they find on a comet that landed nearby, Investigative Journalist Eddie Brock begins to investigate them. When an infiltration goes wrong, Eddie finds that one of the aliens has bonded to him, forcing him to learn to live with his new uninvited host. Giving him superhuman powers, the two begin to work together to stop the rest of the symbiote's invasive species.
Director Ruben Fleischer Release Date October 5, 2018 6 Michael Morbius Is A Complex Character Morbius (2022) Close Morbius as a movie was widely ridiculed upon its release, largely due to its uninspiring script and plot. However, the film’s eponymous vampire, Michael Morbius, is an intriguing enough figure in his own right. Acting as something of an anti-hero, Morbius is relatively morally gray, though by the ending of Morbius he’s much closer to the traditional Spider-Man villain he is in the comics. Though he’s far from a perfect character, he’s interesting enough as both a protagonist and villain that he’s far from the worst that the SSU has to offer.
5 Riot Proves A Compelling Adversary For Venom Venom (2018) Venom’s version of the symbiote Riot is actually significantly different from that of the comics, giving the villain a substantial power boost for his big screen appearance. The symbiote is a destructive and sadistic presence, working with Carlton Drake to bring more symbiotes to Earth to bond with and enslave humanity. Despite considering himself far superior to Venom, the film’s ending sees Riot killed by Venom while attempting to leave Earth, even though his character traits and abilities made him one of the SSU’s most exciting villains.
4 Carnage Is Venom's Offspring, And A Great Villain Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Technically Venom’s offspring, Carnage is the main symbiote antagonist of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The red symbiote is an iconic villain in the comics, and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe certainly did him justice, with the vicious and unstable Carnage proving to be one of the best-written characters in the franchise so far. His link to Venom and to his human host Cletus Kasady combine to make Carnage a particularly interesting character, and his bloodthirsty nature makes him an excellent antagonist.
3 Cletus Kasady Is Made By Woody Harrelson's Screen Presence Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) Close Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s human antagonist, Cletus Kasady, outshines his symbiote in a few key ways. Played by Woody Harrelson, the criminally insane serial killer Kasady is afforded an escape from death row by the intervention of Carnage, seeing him break free, rescue his girlfriend Shriek, and cause mayhem across the city. Harrelson’s ability to bring Kasady to life on the big screen is what makes him such a compelling villain, as the actor brings an energy and presence to the role that makes him the film’s standout star.
2 Vulture Came From The MCU To Be One Of The Best Villains In Sony's Spider-Verse Morbius (2022) Close Confirmed in Morbius’ post-credits scene, Michael Keaton’s Vulture – as introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming – has crossed over into the SSU. Despite initially being a part of the MCU, Adrian Toomes now exists within Sony’s Universe, and his connection to Marvel’s flagship franchise makes him by far one of its most exciting villains. Keaton’s performance as Vulture was excellent, and his potential future in the SSU as part of a Sinister Six storyline is an enticing prospect indeed, making him a character who is both compelling independently and with regard to his future within the franchise.
1 Venom Is By Far The Best Villain In Sony's Universe Venom (2018) As the character who began the entire franchise, Venom’s status as the Sony Spider-Man Universe’s best villain should come as no surprise. Tom Hardy’s dual performance as both Eddie Brock and Venom is excellent and loaded with comedy, even as Venom’s dark nature is explored. Venom as a character marks the best of the SSU in his humor and his brutality, delivering both a darkness and a levity that helps set the shared universe apart in the comic book movie genre. For these reasons, it’s clear that Venom is by far the best villain in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe of movies.


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