10 Animated Marvel Heroes Who Could Return In X-Men "97

  • The revival of X-Men '97 may bring back crossovers with other Marvel heroes, just like the original '90s animated series did.
  • The '90s Marvel cartoons were like a precursor to the MCU, hinting at a potential shared universe under the new Marvel Animation banner.
  • Possible appearances by Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, War Machine, Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Thor, and Captain Marvel.
The first trailer for X-Men '97 hinted that the revival might be bringing back one of the original show's best qualities: crossovers with other Marvel heroes. When X-Men: The Animated Series was originally on the air in the '90s, there were also other animated Marvel projects happening at the same time, like Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Heroes and villains from these other shows would sometimes cross over, creating a shared universe between all the '90s Marvel cartoons.
In a way, the '90s Marvel cartoons were somewhat of a precursor to the MCU. Seeing as Marvel has only become more aware of how much audiences love shared universes since the original X-Men cartoon, it would only make sense for the story of X-Men '97 to bring back these crossovers. If successful, X-Men '97 may even inspire other cartoon revivals, potentially creating a shared universe under the new Marvel Animation banner.
Related Every New & Returning Voice Actor Cast In X-Men '97 (So Far) The 90s X-Men are back in the all-new revival X-Men '97 but the voice-acting ensemble is an exciting mix of returning actors and new faces. 10 Spider-Man's Existence Was Already Confirmed The X-Men Appeared In Spider-Man: The Animated Series Season 2, Episode 4 Close The X-Men actually appeared in an episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series as Peter was looking for help from Professor Xavier. He ends up in a minor conflict with the X-Men and eventually works with them to rescue Beast. Spider-Man's potential appearance in X-Men '97 has already been teased by a copy of the Daily Bugle in the trailer, as the paper mentions Spider-Man and credits some photos to Peter Parker. This might imply that Spider-Man could return in some form for the revival.
9 Hulk Still Needs To Meet The X-Men In Person A Hulk Robot Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 3, Episode 19 Although the Hulk was never actually in X-Men, a robot made to look like him did appear to fight Juggernaut in one episode. This was a direct reference to The Incredible Hulk, which was airing around the same time as X-Men: The Animated Series. X-Men '97 could give Hulk his first proper crossover with the team if it decides to include other Marvel heroes. Fights between the likes of Wolverine and Hulk are always exciting, so fans would likely welcome this inclusion.
8 Captain America And Wolverine Are War Buddies Captain America Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 5, Episode 3 Captain America appeared several times in the X-Men series from the '90s. Once it was alongside Wolverine in a flashback to World War II, and another was as the leader of the Avengers in an alternate universe. Captain America was originally supposed to get his own animated series around the same time, but it ultimately fell through. X-Men '97 could potentially set up a new version of The Avengers as well if Captain America shows up. This would make up for when he wasn't allowed to appear in The Avengers: United They Stand in the '90s due to licensing issues.
7 War Machine Has Helped The X-Men Before War Machine Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 2, Episode 7 Close War Machine made a good number of cameos in the '90s Marvel cartoons. He not only appeared in X-Men, but also in several episodes of Spider-Man and had a major role in the Iron Man show. As a firmly established member of the Marvel Animated Universe, War Machine seems like an easy pick for a cameo. War Machine's appearance would also hint at the existence of Iron Man if Marvel wanted to bring Tony back in the animated universe. This would be a nice way to make up for his absence in the MCU following Avengers: Endgame.
6 Nick Fury Has Connections To Wolverine Nick Fury Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 5, Episode 3 Like Captain America, Nick Fury appeared alongside Wolverine in his flashback to World War II. Though Fury didn't have a large presence in the X-Men series, him and SHIELD were pretty active across the Marvel Animated Universe in shows like Spider-Man and Iron Man. X-Men '97's trailer hinted at political unrest surrounding mutants, so it is possible Fury and SHIELD will play some role in the upcoming show seeing as the government will likely get involved in some way.
5 Doctor Strange Could Introduce Magical Elements To X-Men '97 Doctor Strange Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 3, Episode 6 Doctor Strange didn't play a huge role in the X-Men series, but he did appear in multiple small cameos. In some episodes, Strange did little more than react to a cosmic event involving the Phoenix force. Though his role wasn't typically substantive, that doesn't mean X-Men '97 can't find more use for the character. Strange would be a natural choice to help tie in more supernatural elements of the Marvel Animated Universe if X-Men '97 is interested in doing wider world building.
4 Black Panther Could Have A Relationship With Storm Black Panther Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4, Episode 3 Close Similar to Doctor Strange, Black Panther only had a very brief appearance in X-Men. In fact, he doesn't even say anything, he simply stands by and watches as some of Magneto's spaceships take off. While this cameo didn't really establish the character very much, it did mean that T'Challa and Wakanda exist in the universe of the show. Given T'Challa's connection to Storm in the comics, this small cameo could be expanded on in X-Men '97. A scene at the UN was teased in the trailer, and could create an opportunity for T'Challa or other Wakandans to appear.
3 Ghost Rider Has A History Of Making Cameos In '90s Shows Ghost Rider Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1, Episode 13 Ghost Rider had a surprisingly big role in the Marvel Animated Universe for a slightly more obscure character. In an episode of Fantastic Four, he even showed up in an episode to defeat Galactus. Though Ghost Rider didn't have a big presence in X-Men specifically, he was established to have met Gambit before. If Marvel wants to use X-Men '97 as a place to explore characters that haven't been tackled by the MCU, Ghost Rider could be a fun addition to the show.
2 Thor Could Be Part Of X-Men '97's Avengers Thor Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 3, Episode 13 Thor was a larger player in the Fantastic Four show from the '90s than he was in X-Men, but he did make one brief cameo. X-Men showed that Thor's hammer Mjölnir knew when the Phoenix force destroyed some planets. Though Thor doesn't seem to know the X-Men yet in this universe, X-Men '97 could show their introduction or imply they met some time between the two shows. Thor could also be introduced if X-Men '97 includes a version of the Avengers.
1 Carol Danvers Could Return As Captain Marvel This Time Captain Marvel Appeared In X-Men: The Animated Series Season 2, Episode 9 True to the comics, X-Men showed that the source of Rogue's powers was Carol Danvers, who went by Ms. Marvel at the time. Though Carol only appeared briefly in the show, she does have a long history of working with the X-Men, meaning Carol could also easily appear as Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel in X-Men '97, showing how the character has grown both in the show and in Marvel Comics over the years.


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