Most Popular Kang Recast Pick Reveals If There’s Truth To Him Replacing Jonathan Majors In The MCU

  • Marvel has yet to confirm who will replace Jonathan Majors as Kang in the MCU.
  • Colman Domingo is rumored to be a top choice for the role, but he has not heard from Marvel Studios on the matter.
  • Domingo's experience playing complex characters and desire for villain roles make him a strong candidate for Kang.
Colman Domingo has addressed the rumors that he could become the new Kang the Conqueror of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the firing of original MCU Kang actor Jonathan Majors, Marvel Studios has yet to announce who will replace him as Kang — or even if the villain will still keep his role. Given how much time Marvel has spent building up Kang and his variants, the character will most likely continue in the MCU's upcoming movies, and Domingo has been rumored to be the top choice to take on the role for some time.
Speaking to Vanity Fair, Domingo revealed that he does not know if there's truth to the Kang recast rumors but said that his team has been in contact with Marvel for years. According to Domingo, he "would welcome a conversation around" playing Kang in the MCU. As Deadpool & Wolverine is the MCU's only 2024 movie, and the film is not expected to feature Kang or one of his variants, news about Domingo or another actor getting cast as Kang the Conqueror could take some time, though Domingo would be worth the wait. Check out the full quote below:
"You know, listen. My team has had conversations with Marvel about some aspect of the MCU for years. Do I know this to be true or not? I actually don’t know. I feel like my team doesn’t bring me something unless it’s real. So I don’t know. I could be in conversation, but I’m not sure. I would welcome a conversation around it. Whatever they’re working out with Jonathan [Majors] and his legacy in the MCU, I feel like I just have to be in my own lane, whatever that is. There’s hearsay, there’s conversations, but I’m not even sure because I feel like nothing comes to me until something’s real. But I’d be down with it."
Related Popular Kang Recast Pick Already Explained Why He'd Love The Role 2 Years Ago With Jonathan Majors out as Kang the Conqueror, there is a top candidate to replace him, and his past comments bode well for the possible casting. Why Colman Domingo Would Be Perfect For Kang The Conqueror Known For: Fear The Walking Dead, Euphoria, Rustin, And More Close Several names have been thrown around by fans as possible replacements for Majors as Kang the Conqueror, and while some of them, like Star Wars' John Boyega or Hollywood legend Denzel Washington, would be great, Domingo is perfect for the MCU villain. The actor has experience playing a villain in a major franchise. Domingo's Victor Strand is a compelling, nuanced character in Fear The Walking Dead, with the actor being able to show different sides of the character, like Majors did for each Kang variant.
Domingo also has a series of movie performances that have made him a frequent name once Hollywood's annual awards season starts. After roles in acclaimed movies like If Beale Street Could Talk, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and more, Domingo was nominated for Best Actor at the 2024 Oscars for his lead role in Rustin. The movie shows the full scope of the star's talent, with Domingo's emotional performance in the role being something the MCU could very much use.
After letting Majors go, Marvel Studios needs to cast an actor of equal talent to take on the difficult task of playing the main villain of the Multiverse Saga. Domingo possesses that talent in spades. Besides, the actor previously talked about wanting to join either Marvel or DC as a villain, saying, "I don’t want to be the good guy. I actually want to do some really dirty, nasty work." Based on his past roles and desire to play a villain in the MCU, Domingo is the perfect candidate to become Marvel's new Kang the Conqueror.
Source: Vanity Fair


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