Genius Infinity Stones Theory Completely Changes Thanos" Murderous Plan

  • A theory suggests Thanos' idea of wiping out half of all life may have come from the Mind Stone, influencing his mind.
  • The key element is timing - the Mind Stone would need to be in Thanos' possession before the dire events on Titan, long before he claimed the other Infinity Stones.
  • An MCU-adjacent novel supports the idea of the Mind Stone being corruptive and influencing Thanos, but it's not official canon and happened after Thanos began his mission of balance via randomized murder.
A genius MCU theory about the Infinity Stones suggests that the Snap wasn't actually Thanos' idea. As seen in the MCU Infinity Saga, Thanos collects the powerful Infinity Stones with the mission to erase half of all life in the universe, thereby restoring balance to the universe and saving the living from overpopulation and the rapid depletion of resources. However, it's been suggested that Thanos didn't devise this plan alone.
Thanos' home world of Titan was lost due to a lack of resources after its people rejected his proposal to kill half the population at random. Thanos then became known as "The Mad Titan" before he was ultimately proven correct and his people went extinct. As such, this motivated Thanos to begin his crusade across the galaxy, killing half the population on various worlds as a means of restoring "balance". However, a new MCU theory suggests that Thanos' idea of killing half of all life may have come from none other than the Mind Stone.
Related How To Watch the Marvel Movies In Order (By Release Date & In Order Of MCU Timeline Events) Want to catch up before the next release, or just revisit the universe for a refresher? Here's the order to watch the entire MCU timeline. Theory: The Mind Stone Convinced Thanos To Wipe Out Half Of Existence Close Presented by Redditor LoveWaffle1, the idea is that the Mind Stone was the only Infinity Stone Thanos had before the events of Avengers:Infinity War and the start of the Infinity Saga itself. After all, Thanos gives the Chitauri Scepter and the Mind Stone within to Loki to aid in his conquest of Earth in 2012's Avengers. However, there is no canonical backstory for how and when Thanos got the Mind Stone to begin with.
Keeping that in mind, it's theorized that the Mind Stone was in Thanos' possession for quite some time. As such, it began influencing his mind and perhaps even became responsible for the idea of wiping out half of all life to begin with, rather than a less murderous option like finding a way to generate additional resources that aren't as finite. This would also explain why Ultron decided to wipe out humanity and replace it with something stronger, having been activated and influenced by the Mind Stone courtesy of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
Does This Idea Actually Work In The MCU Canon? While an intriguing idea, the key element is the timing. For Thanos to have been convinced to wipe out half of all life by an exterior influence, the Mind Stone would have needed to be in his possession just before events on Titan became dire. This means that Thanos would have needed to possess the Mind Stone for years before finding the other stones. That doesn't make much sense considering his crusade after Titan where he went from world to world, wiping out 50% of life one planetary population at a time.
An MCU-Connected Thanos Novel Supports The Mind Stone's Corruption (Sort Of) The non-canonical (yet MCU-adjacent) novel Thanos: Titan Consumed by Barry Lyga does support the idea of the Mind Stone being corruptive. It also revealed an origin of how Thanos came to own his first Infinity Stone. In Titan Consumed, Thanos was already conquering worlds in his crusade for balance when he heard rumors of the Infinity Stones' existence.
Having originally dismissed the Stones as Asgardian myth, Thanos began seeking them out. This put him in contact with the Mind Stone's original owner known as the Lorespeaker, brother to the Grandmaster and Collector. Upon the Lorespeaker's death, Thanos remained in his quarters studying the Mind Stone, only to emerge with his eyes having been changed with glowing purple energy (explaining the difference in his appearance as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy compared to Infinity War).
This implies a sort of influence the Mind Stone might have had over Thanos, albeit without any sort of clear specificity considering Thanos was already seeking balance via randomized murder. If anything, the Mind Stone likely urged Thanos to find and bring together the other Stones with an increased obsession and fanaticism. However, this novel was only connected to the MCU as an adjacent story, rather than being official canon.


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