Kevin Feige Crushes Our Hopes for 1 Highly-Anticipated Rumored MCU Movie

Kevin Feige, via one of the MCU"s biggest stars, just disappointed millions of fans by taking away any hope for one rumored movie.
For the last few years, rumors hinted that the Hulk will finally get his second solo project after 2008"s The Incredible Hulk in the form of a solo film centered on the World War Hulk storyline from Marvel Comics.
This came amidst rumors that Marvel Studios had finally regained the distribution rights for the hero from Universal, which would allow Disney to produce a Hulk solo movie and keep the profits from all ticket and home video sales.
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Kevin Feige Disappoints MCU Fans Hoping for Rumored Movie MarvelSpeaking at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (via YouTube), MCU star Mark Ruffalo shared a disappointing update on a potential Hulk solo movie, whether it be a World War Hulk or Planet Hulk story.
When asked how he gets involved with the Hulk"s story, Ruffalo reflected on his conversations with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, where Feige asks him what he would do "if [he] had a standalone Hulk movie."
However, after going into what that would look like, Ruffalo explained how Feige told him Marvel would "never give [him] a standalone Hulk," instead spreading the story out over multiple movies:
Interviewer: "Do you get involved in the scripts?"
Ruffalo: "Kevin [Feige asks], "What would you like to do?" He said "What would you do if you had a standalone Hulk movie?" And I said, "Well, I"d like to take him from this raging maniac to sort of this integrated character." And he"s like, "Okay, we"ll do that over the course of four movies. We"ll never give you a standalone Hulk..." Let"s just get that... Don"t mean to burst your bubble, but that"s not happening. So we"ll do it over four movies."
Interviewer: "Is that still true?"
Ruffalo: "As far as I know..."
This is the case after rumors indicated Marvel was close to regaining the rights to produce a solo Hulk movie, the latest update on which came in Summer 2023.
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How Will the MCU Continue Hulk"s Story?While this news is certainly disappointing for those who wanted the Hulk to get his long-awaited second solo movie, Mark Ruffalo"s time in the MCU is far from over.
Most recently, he had a minor supporting role alongside Tatiana Maslany in 2022"s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, continuing his run as the current longest-standing actor still in the MCU.
Ruffalo also may have let slip that he"ll be part of 2025"s Captain America: Brave New World, although that statement was quickly corrected shortly after Ruffalo went public with his own quote.
He"s even teased that he may be in line for a comeback in 2027"s Avengers: Secret Wars, already hyping that it will outdo what was seen in 2019"s Avengers: Endgame as it closes out the Multiverse Saga.
All of Mark Ruffalo"s appearances as the Hulk are available to stream on Disney+.


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