Deadpool 3 Cast List: Every Actor & Character Set to Appear (Confirmed & Reported)

Marvel Studios" Deadpool & Wolverine will feature a huge cast of characters and actors, with dozens of heroes and villains confirmed and reported to appear.
While Deadpool 3 will be the only Marvel Studios movie to hit theaters in 2024, it marks a historic milestone for the franchise as the first live-action, mutant-centric movie in the MCU.
It will also be the MCU"s first-ever R-rated big-screen film as Wade W. Wilson keeps the same foul-mouthed, gratuitously violent nature fans grew to love in his first two Fox-produced solo films.
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Every Actor & Character Confirmed & Rumored for Deadpool 3Listed ahead are all 27 characters and actors who are either confirmed or rumored to play a role in Marvel Studios" Deadpool and Wolverine.
This includes eight stars confirmed for the film on Marvel"s official website, eight more seen in the threequel"s official trailer and marketing material, and 11 who are only rumored for roles.
Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson/Deadpool Ryan ReynoldsTo nobody"s surprise after bringing Deadpool into the mainstream spotlight, Ryan Reynolds will lead the way in Deadpool 3 as he reprises his iconic role as Wade Wilson.
In the trailer, Wade is taken captive by the Time Variance Authority from Loki as he gets a crash course on MCU history after being out of the merc/hero game for some time.
This leads to him visiting various locales from past MCU movies as he helps the TVA with an undisclosed mission, teasing fans that "[their] little cinematic universe is about to change forever."
While most of the plot is still a mystery, set photos have teased multiple Variants of this f-bomb-dropping, fourth-wall-breaking mutant.
Hugh Jackman - Logan/Wolverine Hugh JackmanTo everybody"s surprise, Hugh Jackman confirmed a return to his iconic role as Wolverine in September 2022 when he announced his inclusion in the cast of Deadpool 3.
He was then teased to have nearly as big of a role in the threequel as Ryan Reynolds himself, with Marvel revealing the Deadpool & Wolverine title during the movie"s first trailer on Super Bowl Sunday 2024.
The first trailer only showed Logan for a split second, teasing Jackman in his iconic yellow-and-blue costume while including a shot of a white-jacketed Wolvie Variant (many believe this is his Patch persona from Marvel Comics).
With set photos showing Jackman in all his glory, fans are waiting to see how Logan will take his place in the MCU pathos after his classic Variant met his end in 2017"s Logan.
Emma Corrin - Cassandra Nova Emma CorrinConfirmed to play Deadpool 3"s main villain is The Crown star Emma Corrin, who will bring the first live-action portrayal of the X-Men character Cassandra Nova.
In the comics, Nova comes from a species called Mummudrai, a race of non-corporeal psychic beings who can take on the form of anybody they can imagine. In her case, she copies the DNA of an unborn Charles Xavier, effectively becoming his twin sister, although she has an immense hatred for him and all mutants. 
Corrin is only seen for a couple of seconds as footage shows the back of their head in the trailer, but they will be a key piece of Deadpool 3 as arguably Wade"s most powerful antagonist to date.
Morena Baccarin - Vanessa Morena BaccarinAlthough it took some time for Morena Baccarin to be confirmed for an MCU debut, she will officially return to her role as Vanessa, Deadpool"s love interest from the first two films.
Baccarin is seen playing Vanessa again in the Deadpool 3 trailer"s opening moments, calling him "buddy."
This comes after Wade used Cable"s time-travel device to prevent her from dying in the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene, leaving many to wonder how changing the timeline will affect the greater Multiverse.
Rob Delaney - Peter Rob DelaneyRob Delaney"s Peter, the token non-powered member of the X-Force team in Deadpool 2, was confirmed for his first MCU credit in Deadpool 3.
As was the case with Vanessa, Wade traveled back in time to keep Peter from being killed. This happened when Bill Skarsgard"s Zeitgeist spewed acidic vomit on him as he tried to help free Zeitgeist from a wood chipper.
In the Deadpool 3 trailer, Peter is only seen momentarily smiling at Wade in all his mustachioed glory, celebrating Wade"s birthday with other returning characters.
Leslie Uggams - Blind Al Leslie UggamsComedy legend Leslie Uggams had the honor of being the first character confirmed for a return in Deadpool 3 after Ryan Reynolds, who set her comeback as Blind Al in stone on social media in March 2022.
Described as "Robin to [Wade"s] Batman" (save for being old, Black, blind, and in love with Wade), Blind Al was Deadpool"s roommate in the first two movies, known for her savage nature and shocking stash of firearms.
Althea made a quick appearance in the first Deadpool 3 trailer at Wade"s birthday party, and she"s sure to have plenty of quips and insults ready to hurl at her former roommate.
Karan Soni - Dopinder Karan SoniMaking himself a fan-favorite in the first two movies as Deadpool"s taxi driver, Dopinder, Karan Soni found his way back into the fold for Deadpool & Wolverine as he reunites with Ryan Reynolds" titular antihero.
Soni"s Dopinder was only seen briefly at Wade"s birthday party, encouraging him to give a speech in the trailer. Fans are hoping he will be featured more prominently the way he was in 2016 and 2018.
There may even be a chance at a potential Dopinder Variant, especially after 2023 saw him take on a new Marvel role as Spider-Man India (Pavitr Prabhakar) in Sony Pictures" Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
Additionally, Soni recently teased the scope of Deadpool 3"s cameos with Variety, confirming the film will have "a lot of surprises" while noting that "a lot of people traveled to London" for filming.
Matthew Macfadyen - Paradox Matthew MacfadyenMCU newcomer Matthew Macfadyen (of Succession fame) will take his talents to Marvel Studios as he plays a new character in Deadpool 3 named Paradox, a never-before-seen high-ranking member of the TVA.
Said to have an important role in this threequel, Macfadyen is seen in Deadpool & Wolverine"s trailer introducing Wade Wilson to the TVA, commenting on the antihero "soiling" himself before showing him clips of past MCU events.
Seemingly playing a role similar to Owen Wilson"s Mobius (who is also rumored to be in this movie), Macfadyen"s loyalties remain a mystery as he could become a not-so-friendly figure for Wade as he moves to a new home.
Brianna Hildebrand - Negasonic Teenage Warhead Brianna HildebrandAfter playing a key supporting role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool"s first two films, Brianna Hildebrand was officially confirmed for a comeback in the MCU courtesy of a Deadline report.
This snarky young heroine regularly brought Wade Wilson back down to earth amidst his shenanigans in the original films, but with only a single shot of her in Deadpool 3"s trailer, her role in this film is unclear.
Should she get to show off her explosive abilities, she"s sure to come in handy in a fight as Deadpool embraces his new Marvel Studios surroundings.
Shioli Kutsuna - Yukio Shioli KutsunaThe same report that set Hildebrand"s return into stone did the same for Shioli Kutsuna, who was first introduced in Deadpool 2 as the adorably fun mutant Yukio.
Making her Marvel debut in 2018 as Negasonic Teenage Warhead"s girlfriend, Yukio only had a minor role in a few scenes, although she proved to be quite the fighter as the power couple helped take down Juggernaut.
Yukio only showed up for a split second in Deadpool 3"s first trailer celebrating Wade"s birthday in his apartment, with no indication of how big her role will be.
Stefan Kapičić - Colossus Stefan KapičićStefan Kapičić confirmed himself for a role in Deadpool 3, celebrating the start of filming in May 2023 as he joins the MCU playing the metal mutant Colossus.
As with other characters on this list, Colossus"s role in Deadpool 3"s marketing campaign has been limited so far. His only footage shows him amongst his friends cheering for Wade at his party.
Colossus should be an important supporting character for Deadpool in this threequel. In previous films, he taught Wade how to be a legit X-Man before unleashing his full power when he fought dirty against Juggernaut in Deadpool 2.
Lewis Tan - Shatterstar Lewis TanLewis Tan"s Rusty (better known as Shatterstar) may have gotten under Deadpool"s skin as part of Deadpool 2"s X-Force team, but he"s now set to join the MCU alongside his leader.
Before fans saw him at Wade"s party in the trailer, Shatterstar quickly met his end in Deadpool 2 when he was chopped into tiny pieces by a helicopter, with many wondering why Deadpool saves his life for this new outing.
Randal Reeder - Buck Randal ReederRandal Reeder only has a few minutes of screen time in the first two Deadpool movies as the mercenary Buck, who is in a few scenes with Wade at the bar known as Sister Margaret"s.
Buck helps Wade celebrate his birthday in the first Deadpool 3 trailer after fans saw him harass Vanessa in the first movie and discuss the Kubler-Ross model for the five stages of grief with Wade in the sequel.
Aaron Stanford - John Allerdyce/Pyro Aaron StanfordArguably the biggest surprise actor seen in Deadpool 3"s first trailer was Aaron Stanford, who returns for his fourth on-screen appearance as the fiery John Allerdyce/Pyro.
Only seen for a moment in the trailer yelling, "God, I love this part," Stanford dons a more comic-accurate Pyro costume than any of his other appearances as he moves from the Fox films to the MCU.
Speaking with The Direct earlier in 2024, Stanford skirted around returning to this role, only saying, "I"d have to think about it" when asked about possibly playing the character again.
Dogpool DogpoolIn two separate posts on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, Ryan Reynolds shared images of what appears to be a hairless mixed terrier wearing her own version of the Deadpool costume.
This is Dogpool, an important member of the Deadpool Corps from Marvel Comics with the same healing factor as the OG Merc with a Mouth.
With set photos already teasing other Variants of Wade Wilson, this tiny mutant pup will make plenty of noise as the MCU"s newest canine superstar, joining Lucky the Pizza Dog and Cosmo the Space Dog.
Jennifer Garner - Elektra Jennifer GarnerOne of Deadpool 3"s biggest surprise castings was the reveal that Jennifer Garner would reprise her role as Elektra, whom she portrayed in 2003"s Daredevil and its 2005 spin-off, Elektra.
Her role in this film is said to be a cameo, although there are no details on how she"ll join other legacy heroes from past Marvel films in the MCU.
Reynolds quickly celebrated her casting in the MCU threequel, teasing some of the film"s time-traveling/universe-jumping shenanigans.
Sabretooth - Tyler Mane Tyler ManeSpoiler-filled set images leaked in December 2023 shared a look at long-forgotten Fox villain Sabretooth making his MCU debut as he"s seen fighting Wolverine before Deadpool holds his decapitated head high in the air.
This appears to be the same version of the character seen in 2000"s X-Men played by Tyler Mane, although many are wondering if Liev Schreiber"s Sabertooth from X-Men Origins: Wolverine will show as well.
Toad ToadThe same set photos that revealed Sabretooth"s role in Deadpool 3 also confirmed an appearance for another minor villain from 2000"s X-Men - Toad.
While it"s unclear if Ray Park will return to play the role, he is seen driving a vehicle similar to the Fantastic Four"s Fantasticar in the desert landscape many believe to be The Void from Loki.
Dafne Keen - Laura/X-23 Dafne KeenA rumor from scooper Daniel Richtman teased that Deadpool 3 would include Dafne Keen, well-known for playing the young mutant Laura (better known as X-23) in 2017"s Logan.
After making her film debut in Logan, Keen was set to continue her character"s story in a solo spin-off movie developed by director James Mangold, but plans for that film were canned.
Rumored to be a cameo in the vein of Jennifer Garner"s Elektra, a more grown-up Laura is said to join Logan in a universe that avoids his death, making for quite an unpredictable reunion between the two.
Patrick Stewart - Charles Xavier/Professor X Patrick StewartAfter starring in seven Fox X-Men movies and making a Multiversal cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many fans expect to see Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Charles Xavier/Professor X in Deadpool 3.
This comes with a mention of the character in the post-credits scene from The Marvels, hinting that Professor X may be in for a bigger role in the Multiverse Saga.
For Deadpool 3 specifically, X scooper My Time To Shine Hello (MTTSH) shared a rumor indicating Stewart would have a role in the film, but it is still unknown how big it is.
Additionally, Stewart told ComicBook in February 2023 that he was "told to standby" for a potential MCU comeback, with the next logical choice for casting likely coming in Deadpool 3.
Ian McKellen - Magneto Ian McKellenThe same rumor teasing Professor X"s inclusion in Deadpool 3 also included Ian McKellen"s return as Charles" "old friend," the villainous Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto.
This would be McKellen"s first time playing the character in the MCU. However, Stewart spoke in a February 2023 interview about him and McKellan having "plans" to reunite with one another as their mutant characters.
Due to his connections to both Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine and Patrick Stewart"s Professor X, along with him being on the table for a cameo in Doctor Strange 2, seeing McKellen in this threequel would not be a huge shock.
Halle Berry - Storm Halle BerryMTTSH brought another rumor to light on X regarding Halle Berry reprising her role of Ororo Munro, better known to Marvel fans as Storm, for the first time since 2014"s X-Men: Days of Future Past.
With five appearances as the weather-controlling mutant under her belt, Storm would be a natural choice for a role in this film considering her place as one of the X-Men"s leaders.
Additionally, Berry was seen in May 2023 boasting a haircut that looked particularly similar to the one she donned as Storm, which was only shortly before Deadpool 3 initially began filming. This timing would lend credence to her inclusion in the cast.
Famke Janssen - Jean Grey Famke JanssenAnother part of the massive MTTSH rumor on X included key X-Men trilogy supporting actor Famke Janssen bringing one of the most powerful mutants ever into the MCU - Jean Grey.
A love interest for Logan during her tenure in the Fox films, Jean met her end in X-Men: The Last Stand as she asked Wolverine to take her out, stopping her from further mass destruction on Alcatraz.
With Wolverine playing almost a co-leading role in Deadpool & Wolverine, there would be plenty of reason to reunite him with Jean to add some emotional drama.
James Marsden - Cyclops James MarsdenThe same rumor teasing Jean Grey and Magneto"s casting also mentioned Scott Summers (better known as Cyclops), with Fox veteran James Marsden said to be returning to the role.
Marsden"s original Cyclops took his last breath in an interaction with Jean Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand, in which Jean returned from the dead and took Scott Summers out with her powers.
Marsden told The Wrap in February 2023 that he missed playing Scott Summers and wanted to return, setting up Deadpool 3 as a great opportunity for him to don the Cyclops glasses once more.
Channing Tatum - Gambit Channing Tatum/GambitTwo separate scoops from MTTSH and noted X scooper CanWeGetSomeToast indicated a character portrayal in Deadpool 3 that had never been seen before in the X-Men films - Channing Tatum"s Gambit.
Tatum was famously set to play the New Orleans-based in a solo Gambit movie that went into development in 2014. However, it went through development hell before Disney took control of 20th Century Fox, and the film"s new production company officially canceled the Gambit solo outing in 2019.
While Tatum may not have a long-term future in Gambit"s classic trench coat, rumors tease that Deadpool 3 will finally allow him to embody the role at least once in a Multiversal setting.
Taylor Swift - Dazzler Taylor Swift/DazzlerArguably no Deadpool 3 theory has fans going wilder than the one teasing an appearance by 14-time Grammy-winner Taylor Swift, who is rumored to play the musically-gifted mutant known as Dazzler.
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige commented in past interviews on how much he likes Dazzler, whose powers allow her to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams.
Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy said "no comment" when asked about her inclusion, and Reynolds teased that he"d "heard the rumors" before letting fans know they"d find out the film"s secrets when it debuts.
But after fans saw the three of them hanging together at an October NFL game in New York, it would almost be a bigger shock not to see her as Dazzler in this threequel, even if it is a one-time role.
Lady Deadpool (?) Lady DeadpoolOne quick shot from Deadpool 3"s trailer has fans hoping for a new Variant of Deadpool to make her debut in Wanda Wilson"s Lady Deadpool, coming at the 1:50 mark.
Fans see a Deadool-esque figure shooting two uzis at an enemy, with the Variant also wearing a different set of gloves than the ones Wade wears. Not only do those gloves look reminiscent of Lady Deadpool"s, but the character even wields the same uzis that Wanda does in the comics, heavily teasing her inclusion.
Many have theorized that Ryan Reynolds" wife, Blake Lively, could play this character, although there are no rumors or confirmations that either the character or actress will be included in the threequel.
Deadpool & Wolverine debuts in theaters on July 26.


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