Marvel Studios Releases Its First-Ever Wolverine Poster (Official)

Marvel Studios gave Wolverine his first-ever official poster as he takes center stage in the new animated Disney+ series, X-Men "97.
Wolverine was featured in much of the promotional material for Marvel Animation"s 2024 follow-up to X-Men: The Animated Series, with several pieces of merchandise highlighting the mutton-chopped mutant.
Voice actor Cal Dodd is even on the front lines of promoting the new series, sharing his excitement to reprise the role as Marvel Studios gets its first crack at developing the classic "90s heroes.
Wolverine Gets First Marvel Studios Poster for X-Men 97Marvel Studios" X (formerly Twitter) page shared a dozen new posters highlighting the core cast of characters from X-Men "97, which will hit Disney+ on Wednesday, March 20.
While other promotional material has featured characters from the show such as Wolverine, these are the first character posters to be officially released by Marvel Studios.
Heading up the bunch is James Logan/Wolverine as he charges forward with his iconic Adamantium claws extended from his dark blue gloves. This is the first-ever Wolverine-only poster to be published by Marvel Studios, as X-Men "97 is the hero"s first appearance in a project from the studio.
Original voice actor Cal Dodd will play Wolverine once again in the animated series. He will become one of two Wolverine stars to return to the role in a 2024 Marvel Studios project, the other being Hugh Jackman in July"s Deadpool & Wolverine.
Marvel StudiosServing as the leader of the X-Men in the original series and Marvel Studios" revival is Scott Summers/Cyclops, seen clenching his fists as red smoke evaporates from his goggles.
After the original Cyclops actor Norm Spencer passed away in 2020, Ray Chase will now play the Role in X-Men "97.
Marvel StudiosOne of the most powerful mutants in history will return to the small screen in Jean Grey, seen in her solo poster extending her hand and emitting blue-hued psychic energy.
Jean Grey will be voiced by Jennifer Hale for X-Men "97 after Catherine Disher took on the role in X-Men: The Animated Series.
Marvel StudiosOroro Monroe, better known to Marvel fans as Storm, flies through the air with her white cape flowing behind her and lightning striking beside her as her eyes glow with a bright yellow color.
Alison Sealy-Smith brought Storm to life in the "90s X-Men series, and she returns to the voiceover booth to play the role again for the 2020s revival.
Marvel StudiosWhile Magneto will don a never-before-seen hairstyle upon his return in X-Men 97, his poster highlights the red-and-purple costume and mask fans are all too familiar with from his past appearances.
Matthew Waterson will voice Erik Lehnsherr for the Marvel Studios revival, taking over the role from the late David Hemblen after Hemblen passed away in 2020.
Marvel StudiosDr. Hank McCoy jumps through the air with a smile on his face in his poster, bringing the classic mutant Beast back as his claws and blue fur are put in the forefront.
Original Beast star George Buza will portray the hero once again for X-Men "97, marking the second Beast under Marvel Studios" watch after Kelsey Grammer reprised his live-action role in the post-credits scene from 2023"s The Marvels.
Marvel StudiosBlasting her colorful powers out of her hands, Jubilation Lee (Jubilee) smiles in her poster as she dons the same pink shirt and jeans shorts fans know and love.
Originally portrayed by Alyson Court in X-Men: The Animated Series, Holly Chou will step into Jubilee"s boots as she voices the character in X-Men "97.
Marvel StudiosSunspot will be a new bright spot (literally) in X-Men "97 after being absent from the original series, boasting the ability to absorb solar energy and channel it into massive blasts.
Bringing Sunspot"s voice into Marvel"s new animated series is Giu Augustini.
Marvel StudiosPlaying a limited role in the original series was Morph, who boasted the classic abilities seen from most shapeshifters. However, he appears set to play a bigger role in Marvel Studios" X-Men "97.
The character was originally voiced by Ron Rubin in the "90s, and this time, the shifty mutant will be voiced by JP Karliak.
Marvel StudiosThe time-jumping mutant Bishop will be back in action for X-Men "97 after appearing in a handful of episodes from the original series, known for his ability to move across the timeline.
Philip Akin originally voiced the hero, and for X-Men 97, What If...? actor Isaac Robinson-Smith will bring his talents to the role. 
Marvel StudiosFan-favorite Cajun mutant Remy LeBeau/Gambit will leap back into the X-Men story, donning his iconic trench coat and the staff he utilized for his entire run in X-Men: The Animated Series.
A.J. LoCasio will voice Gambit in Marvel Studios" new series after the character was played by Chris Potter in the 1990s.
Marvel StudiosAnother core member of the original X-Men team returning for the revival is Rogue, who boasts powers such as flight and super-strength and can steal others" powers by touching them.
Lenore Zane first embodied Rogue in the 1990s series, and she"ll reprise her iconic character in the 2024 revival series as well.
Marvel StudiosX-Men "97 will have a two-episode premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 20.
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