How Madame Web Connects To Spider-Man (& Marvel"s Movies)

  • Madame Web connected to wider Spider-Man lore, but failed to impress with audiences and critics.
  • Adam Scott adds charm as Uncle Ben, but chemistry with Dakota Johnson falls flat.
  • Unclear if new Peter Parker sets a foundation for a new Spider-Verse, separate from the MCU.
Madame Web stands largely apart from the rest of Sony's Spider-Man Universe, but the brand's latest Marvel movie does have connections to wider Spider-Man characters and lore. Despite its Spider-Man-adjacent subject matter, Madame Web failed to land with audiences or critics. Though Madame Web's excellent cast, including Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Isabela Merced, bring talent to the project, the film did little with its premise and, like Morbius, has since become fodder for memes. With that said, interest in the film suggests that it could grow a cult following with Madame Web streaming on Netflix starting today.
Cassandra Webb is usually depicted as an older, blind woman who uses psychic powers to manipulate the webs of the Spider-Verse. She has appeared in animated series, comics, and video games, although she has never been adapted like in this film. By crafting an origin story, Sony hoped to take the character's premise and build an ensemble around her with charismatic stars. Using Madame Web's powers of clairvoyance as a device for storytelling akin to the Final Destination films, there was hope for the launch of a new franchise. However, specific Spider-Man ties were kept vague enough to pivot as future plans continue to develop and change.
2:31 Related Madame Web Review: Sony's New Spider-Man Universe Movie Is A Horrible, Cheap Imitation With an awful script and not a single ounce of charm among the star-studded cast, Madame Web feels like little more than a Spider-Man movie knockoff.
Adam Scott Plays Spider-Man's Uncle Ben An Excellent Casting Is Wasted In Madame Web With an uncle played by Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott, the latest Sony Spider-verse film has followed the pattern of casting younger and better-looking people as Spider-Man's guardians. Adam Scott steps into this role with charisma and charm as Cassie's best friend and co-worker, who is on his character's defining path to becoming an uncle. While Adam Scott is a great performer, this feels strange to watch. While the viewer is aware of Peter Parker's significance and relationship with Ben, little is done to set this character apart from the future version audiences will see later.
It is strange, too, that Dakota Johnson's Cassie and Adam Scott's Ben seem to have a flirtatious chemistry, even if that chemistry is not effective. The two are very close and charismatic, and pairing them together makes sense to an extent, but when the film gives not-so-subtle hints about Ben Parker dating somebody who is suggested to be the future Aunt May, his flirtation with Cassie feels uncomfortable to watch. Casting Emma Roberts as Ben's sister Mary, Spider-Man's eventual mother, is another great choice. However, neither are given much to do in the grand scheme of the movie.
Which Spider-Man Is Uncle Ben's Nephew In Madame Web? Is This Peter Parker Completely New? Close Though Peter Parker is born at the end of Madame Web, it's left unclear if this Peter is meant to grow into a previously-seen version of the hero. It has been reported that there were plans to bring in Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, and there were plans to bring in Tom Holland's Spider-Man that included concept art, but neither of these made sense with the time in which they set the film, so they had to be scrapped. It has even been reported that the year of the film was intentionally made ambiguous when filming so that the filmmakers could change it later. Ultimately, they decided to go ahead without a Spider-Man, instead introducing new Spider-Women.
As a result, the Spider-Man in Madame Web must be a new, entirely different iteration set in this fresh universe. Multiversal storytelling is now a significant part of Spider-Man stories, as seen in Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse, and creating another universe's Spider-Man wouldn't work against Sony's success. Unfortunately, following the disappointing performance of Madame Web, it's highly unlikely that audiences will ever meet this new iteration of Peter Parker.
How Madame Web Connects To The Sony Spider-Verse Venom And Morbius Must Be Elsewhere Close Despite Sony's attempts to create a universe built around Venom, Madame Web strangely does not have any connection to it. For a studio that is attempting to make a big cinematic universe, this is an unexpected choice. Following Morbius' attempts to lightly connect to Venom, it seems strange that Madame Web decided against making any such ties. However, it does make some level of sense given the movie takes place so many years before Venom and Morbius.
In Madame Web, Cassie travels to the Amazon, where her mother researched spiders right before she died and interacts with Las Arañas, or the Spider-People. These Peruvian tribe members wear vines that resemble the shape of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man costume. Ezekiel Sims, the villain, then shows up in New York wearing a discolored version of the same Spider-Man suit. Having shown that Peter drew and knitted this suit in Spider-Man raises questions that Madame Web does not answer.
Madame Web Is Not Part Of The MCU Disney Has To Be Careful With The Marvel Brand Despite Spider-Man being an MCU mainstay, Madame Web is not a part of the MCU. With very specific deals and wording between Sony and Disney, the MCU has gone to great lengths to retain its creative control. Maintaining quality within its cinematic universe has been critical to upholding the reputation of the Marvel brand, and allowing other studios to contribute to that without oversight would be detrimental to their universe. This has resulted in a film not connected to the Avengers or the MCU.
Through post-credit turmoil in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, it could be argued that Sony’s universe is now part of the MCU multiverse. Then, arguably, Morbius and even Kraven the Hunter may be part of the MCU. By that logic, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and even Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man are also part of that canon, considering the multiversal travel of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Fortunately for Disney, Madame Web is not set in any universe that has proven to be connected to the MCU.
Technically, any Marvel movie or TV show can be considered very loosely tied to the MCU via the endless multiverse. However, a tighter definition of what is and isn't in the MCU is useful for the differentiation of franchises and continuities.
Madame Web’s disappointing run at the box office makes its blurry connections between franchises easier to deal with because it is unlikely ever to be followed up on in a theoretical Madame Web 2. Still, it is interesting to speculate on what kind of future would have come if the film had succeeded. Certainly, some of the Spider-Women would be followed up on, and Cassie's story would likely have crossed dimensions to link up with other stories in other universes. For better and for worse, we have likely seen the last of Madame Web.
Madame Web is now available to stream on Netflix.
> Madame Web PG-13
Director S.J. Clarkson Release Date February 14, 2024 Cast Dakota Johnson , Emma Roberts , Adam Scott , Isabela Merced , Sydney Sweeney Runtime 114 Minutes Upcoming Sony's Spider-Man Universe Movies
Release Date
Venom: The Last Dance
October 25, 2024
Kraven the Hunter
December 13, 2024


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