10 Most Popular DCU Justice League Casting Choices, Ranked

  • The DCEU only had one Justice League movie released in theaters.
  • No DCEU actors are expected to reprise their roles in the new DCU's Justice League.
  • Popular fancasts for the DCU's Justice League include Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman, Glen Powell as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, and Jensen Ackles as Batman.
The Justice League of the new DC Universe has yet to be cast, but some actors have emerged as the fan favorites for the team's most famous members. In the DCEU, the Justice League only had one movie, not counting director Zack Snyder's version, and Superman was not even with the rest of the heroes for most of the film. Following the end of the DCEU and the announcement of the DCU's Chapter One, the Justice League's future became uncertain.
A movie for the premiere superhero team from DC Comics has yet to be announced for James Gunn's DCU. However, reports claim that when the Justice League does appear, it will be very different, as no DCEU actor is expected to reprise their role. David Corenwet's Superman is the only Justice League hero in the DCU so far, but there are some popular casting choices among fans that could complete the team.


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