Mark It, Saturday July 27th Could Be The Best Day In 2 Years For DC Fans

  • DC is starting a new chapter in 2024 under James Gunn and Peter Safran.
  • Fans may get major DCU announcements at San Diego Comic-Con on July 27.
  • Possible reveals include casting for Batman, the Green Lanterns, and more.
2024 is an important year for the new DC Universe, and July might bring the best day for the franchise in two years. DC has had a rough going in the cinematic realm for the past decade. From 2013's Man of Steel, which saw Superman controversially kill Zod, to 2023's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, DC tried to replicate the success of other shared universes like DC's own Arrowverse on TV and the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the DCEU. And while there were some great movies in the DCEU, the universe was not as good as expected.
The DCEU faltered for a variety of reasons, including creative vision, behind-the-scenes issues, and more. In the end, the shared universe failed to reach its potential. Thankfully, DC is not giving up the concept altogether, with new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran starting their new DC Universe in 2024. The executives have already announced many of the projects in the DCU's Chapter One; however, there are still a lot of major questions waiting to be answered, and July 27 might be the day when DC finally does so.


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