Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2 Ending Explained & How It Sets Up Part 3

  • Crisis On Infinite Earths - Part Two brings a suspenseful plotline with the reveal of the Anti-Monitor's shadowy origin and immense power.
  • Pariah's transformation back into John Constantine adds an exciting element to the hero lineup and sets the stage for a dramatic ending.
  • The very end of the movie sees the Anti-Monitor set to destroy the multiverse, preparing audiences for the Tomorrowverse's final movie.
The Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths - Part Two ending provides a series of exciting revelations and twists as it sets up for the final film in the Tomorrowverse's 12 movie run. The Tomorrowverse timeline began in 2020, and despite setting off in a more tumultuous time period to say the least, managed to obtain a considerable fanbase due to its engaging and authentic feeling animated adaptations of some of DC's biggest heroes and storylines.
Four years later, the franchise is winding down in style with the Crisis On Infinite Earths arc - a comic narrative that marked a milestone for DC in terms of its massive crossovers from every corner of its world, and that has already done the same for the animated DC universe with the trilogy's first two releases. While Justice League: Crisis On Infinite Earths - Part Two isn't identical to the comics, it continues much of the core plot and tone of the original, all while setting up for a colossal conclusion to an era of DC's animated movies.


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