17 Batman Villains Imagined With Perfect Casting Choices In DC Universe Art

  • Horrific Heroics' fan art casts major actors as Batman enemies for The Brave and The Bold movie.
  • DC Universe Chapter 1 will feature multiple movies and TV shows, starting with a Superman film.
  • An Arkham Asylum TV show may shine a light on Batman's foes before appearing in The Brave and The Bold movie.
DC Universe fan art casts major actors as various Batman enemies ahead of The Brave and The Bold movie. DC Studios is busy developing the DC Universe's Chapter 1, with multiple movies and TV shows currently in the works. While James Gunn's Superman movie will be the first film to arrive in the DC Universe, it is only the beginning, as other Justice League members will later join the franchise. Since The Brave and The Bold movie is also being developed, the world is waiting to see who will be cast as Batman - as well as his iconic villains from the comics.
While it remains to be seen who will be the villain of the new Batman movie, let alone what actor may actually be tapped for the role, Horrific Heroics recently shared multiple artworks of actors they would cast as some of Batman's biggest enemies. Check out all of their fan casting ideas below, which also includes some popular actors who have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Wes Bentley
Diego Luna
Mark Strong
Mr. Freeze
Ken Watanabe
Hugo Strange
Bassem Youssef
Ra's Al Ghul
Michael Mando
Victor Zsasz
Josh Gad
The Penguin
Harry Melling
The Joker
David Tennant
The Riddler
Karen Gillan
Poison Ivy
Samara Weaving
Harley Quinn
Ana de Armas
Ethan Hawke
Jackie Earle Haley
Mad Hatter
Vincent D'Onofrio
Solomon Grundy
Winston Duke
Killer Croc
Jason Statham
Black Mask


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