10 Reasons To Watch Madame Web Now That It"s Streaming Despite Its Disappointing Reviews

  • Madame Web is a stand-alone movie, no prior knowledge needed to understand the unique Spider-Heroes and their story.
  • The movie indirectly showcases how cool a Sinister Six movie could be, with a focus on the terrifying side of Spider-Man.
  • Madame Web's lack of traditional superheroes offers a fresh take with small-scale action and a focus on future heroes.
It's no secret that Madame Web failed to meet critical or financial expectations when it hit theaters in early 2024, but there are several reasons why Sony's divisive Marvel movie is worth checking out now that it's streaming. Sony's Spider-Man Universe, containing two Venom movies, Morbius, and Madame Web (with Venom: The Last Dance and Kraven the Hunter coming out later this year), has received a mixed reception as the franchise attempts to build a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man. However, Madame Web attempts to bridge that gap by introducing four different Spider-Heroes with presumed plans to integrate them into the wider franchise.
However, while Madame Web succeeds in providing backstory for its titular hero and three one-day Spider-Women, it was ultimately bogged down by apparent last-minute rewrites and an underbaked villain. While these flaws and others are undeniable, though, it doesn't mean that Madame Web isn't worth a watch. Now, with the movie available on Netflix, the bar to viewership has never been lower. Here are 10 reasons why Sony's Madame Web is worth some of your time.
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10 Madame Web Is A Stand-Alone Movie No Prior Knowledge Needed Close One largely justifiable complaint about modern big-budget superhero movies is that it can be hard to just in for audiences not already caught up with the respective franchises. With the Sony Spider-Man Universe being six years old and Spider-Man's big-screen history going back much further, it's a valid concern for potential viewers that Madame Web may require significant prior viewing. However, that's not the case at all.
Though Madame Web includes characters from the wider Spider-Man mythos, the story told here is not a continuation of any previous movie or TV show. Everything audiences need to know to understand Cassandra Webb and her story is right here in a tight, sub-two-hour runtime. That isn't to say some of Madame Web's plot threats couldn't have used a bit more development - particularly the villainous Ezekiel Sims - but no backstory or context is missing going into Madame Web cold.
9 Madame Web Indirectly Shows How Cool A Sinister Six Movie Could Be Spider-Man Can Be Scary Sony has long been trying to make a Sinister Six movie happen, and Madame Web accidentally proves how interesting the concept could be. Though details are largely nonexistent for Sony's Sinister Six plans, the movie would presumably focus on six Spider-Man villains uniting to take out the web-head. If it follows suit from Sony's current run of movies, it seems likely they may even be stationed as narrative protagonists - regardless of moral standing. Spider-Man as a narrative antagonist is an interesting concept that hasn't been done, but Madame Web puts a twist on the concept.
While Ezekiel Sims is underdeveloped, he has powers and a suit incredibly similar to Spider-Man (minus the web-shooters). In the film's most effective scene, Sim - in full Spider-Man-style garb - methodically takes out a batch of police officers in pursuit of Cassier and her companions. The scene shows just how terrifying Spider-Man can be when his acrobatic fighting techniques are viewed from the outside, and seeing the concept expanded in a Sinister Six project could be exciting.
8 Madame Web's Lack Of Traditional Superheros The Movie Is More Concerned With Future Heroes Than Present Ones Close For those feeling burnt out on traditional superheroes, Madam Web's unique take on the concept could be a welcome breath of fresh air. While Madame Web's marketing incorrectly focused on Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O'Connor, and Isabela Merced in sharp-looking spider suits, the reality is that they spend the entire movie without powers. Even Cassie, the closest person to a traditional superhero in the movie, doesn't really become one until the project's final scene.
While that's understandably disappointing for those expecting what the trailers promised, it's not bad in and of itself. The movie's structure as an extended origin story does seem dated, but true, old-school origin projects hearken back to a different age of superhero movies. Madame Web is more Final Destination than Spider-Man, and that alone may be an intriguing concept to some.
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7 Madame Web Could Be Important To The Future Of The SSU Sony's Current Plans Are Unclear Close As of now, it's unclear what the endgame is for Sony's Spider-Man Universe. The franchise seems centered on Venom, given the titular hero's movies have been successful and he remains a generally popular character. However, the third Venom movie's subtitle, The Last Dance, seems to imply an end to his tenure in the franchise.
Madame Web lead Dakota Johnson has been clear that she isn't particularly interested in doing another superhero movie anytime soon. However, the movie also set up three different Spider-Women for future appearances. It's unclear if Sweeney, Merced, and O'Conner would reprise their roles in the "present" given the time gap between Madame Web and the rest of the SSU, but their characters could re-appear as full-fledged superheroes in any upcoming project.
6 Madame Web Doesn't Devolve Into World-Ending Stakes The Conflict Remains Personal Close It's a common and largely justified criticism of modern superhero movies that they too often fall back to massive, world-ending stakes and massive battles. While these types of conflicts can be exciting, they're also over-done and not required for every story. In this regard, Madame Web is refreshing. The villainous Ezekiel Sims doesn't express a desire to conquer the world or threaten the multiverse. Instead, he's out to kill three girls who will otherwise eventually kill him.
That isn't to say there aren't massive issues with how Sims is written - or, really, the lack of writing. He lacks a tangible backstory or future goals, but the smaller stakes conflict in the movie is a welcome change of pace. Though there's some spotty CGI, the action is also overall well done and easy to follow.
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5 Madame Web Is Iconic (For Better Or Worse) The Movie Has People Talking Close Much like Morbius before it, some of Madame Web's worst lines and scenes instantly became viral internet memes. For those with no interest in seeing the movie for its own merits, it may be worth checking it out just to stay abreast of the best Madame Web jokes and memes. While that's foolish to recommend while the movie is in theaters, some may find it enticing if they already have a Netflix subscription.
From image macros about the movie's poor line re-recording to jokes about some of Cassie Webb's more bizarre comments and in-universe predictions, Madame Web memes will likely spike again as the movie becomes widely available. The goal of a movie is never to become ironically infamous, but there's undeniable fun to be had joining in on some of the internet's biggest jokes.
4 Madame Web Is The First Movie To Flesh Out Uncle Ben A Character Usually Popular For His Death Close Despite eight previous live-action Spider-Man movies and a handful of animated projects, Madame Web explores an under-seen corner of Peter Parker's story. Uncle Ben is, perhaps, the most important person in Peter's life. After gaining his abilities, Ben's words of wisdom about power and responsibility, followed by his untimely death, are what inspire Peter to become the hero that he does.
Yet, Ben, as a person before his final weeks, is largely left out of Peter's journey. Madame Web fixes that, introducing Adam Scott's Ben Parker as a NYC paramedic in the time just before Peter's birth and right as he meets someone presumed to be the future Aunt May. Ben's status as Peter's uncle isn't particularly important to the movie overall, but it's interesting to get some more insight into the man known predominantly for dying.
Related Madame Web Just Made Uncle Ben's Death Even Darker Than Every Spider-Man Movie Madame Web revealed a close connection between Ben Parker and Cassandra Webb, making Ben"s eventual death much darker in hindsight.
3 Madame Web Is The Live-Action Debut Of Several Spider-Heroes Several Spider-Women Debut Close While some were disappointed that none of the heroes besides Cassie Webs actually got their powers in Madame Web (an expectation unfairly set up by the trailers), the movie is the live-action debut of several notable spider heroes. Sydney Sweeney plays Julia Cornwall, which is clearly a take on Marvel Comics' Julia Carpenter, AKA Spider-Woman. Isabela Merced, meanwhile, plays Anya Corazón, known as either Spider-Girl or Araña in the comics. The trio is rounded out by Celeste O'Connor's Mattie Franklin, also better known as Spider-Woman.
Despite Spider-Man's many live-action movies, none of them have really delved into the extended Spider-Family. This has changed a bit with a wider focus in the animated Spider-Verse series, but Madame Web remains the only project to cast such a wide net in its use of spider-people in live-action. Perhaps this will change in the future of the MCU or if these characters return in the SSU.
2 Madame Web's Action Is Easy To Follow The Fights Are Relatively Small Scale Close Massive superhero battles can be thrilling, but they can also lean a bit too much into CGI. When this happens, fights can lose their weight, both visually and emotionally. While it would have been great to get a bit more backstory on Ezekiel Sims, he isn't concerned with world domination. This keeps the movie's action set pieces small and easy to follow.
Ezekiel, being similar in powers to Spider-Man, poses a significant physical threat to Cassie and the future Spider-Women. However, given Cassie's powers are limited, she relies on evasiveness and the occasional motor vehicle to keep her safe. The movie's climactic confrontation involves a few more superpowers, but it still avoids unintelligible CGI blasts.
1 Cassie's Power Are Cool Once She Hones Them The Future Is Now Close Classic superhero origin story movies aren't as common as they used to be, so it's entertaining to see one in line with what was more common throughout the 2000s. The downside is that it does take Cassie quite a while to gain and understand her superpowers. However, once she does, they're used for some satisfyingly creative sequences.
Though Cassie's powers extend further, at their most basic level, they allow her to see the future. Somewhat similar to Final Destination, these visions often include deaths. Seeing Cassie deftly dodge threats and change potential futures is exciting in Madame Web's third act and should be even more impressive if the character manages to return.
> Madame Web PG-13
Director S.J. Clarkson Release Date February 14, 2024 Studio(s) Columbia Pictures , Di Bonaventura Pictures Writers Burk Sharpless , Matt Sazama , Kerem Sanga Cast Dakota Johnson , Emma Roberts , Adam Scott , Isabela Merced , Sydney Sweeney Runtime 114 Minutes Expand Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe Movies
Release Date
Venom: The Last Dance
October 25, 2024
Kraven the Hunter
December 13, 2024


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