X-Men "97 Season 2: Characters, Story & Everything We Know

  • X-Men '97 season 2 confirmed before season 1 premiered, following the success of the revival series.
  • Season 2 continues to explore new plots separate from MCU canon, building on original X-Men storylines.
  • Marvel split ties with showrunner Beau DeMayo before season 1 released, and season 3 is now already in development.
With X-Men '97 having finally hit screens, attention is building for the confirmed second season. X-Men '97 which continues the story of X-Men: The Animated Series, is a comic-faithful animated adaptation of the titular team and has been pivotal in establishing the popularity of the X-Men, who have since gone on to appear in multiple successful live-action movies. Neither X-Men '97 nor the live-action movies produced by Fox are currently part of MCU canon, which has afforded the animated series ample room to explore new and entirely unrelated plots.
X-Men 97 season 1 began streaming on March 20, 2024, and picked up with X-Men dealing with Charles Xavier's absence and its effects on mutant-human relations. With many of the same characters returning, so did much of the voice cast of the original series, though it is not entirely composed of the same contributors. Here is a complete rundown of everything we know about X-Men '97 season 2.
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X-Men '97 Season 2 Latest News X-Men '97's Potential Has Expanded Even Further Close The newest information for X-Men '97 season 2 is that it is already confirmed to not be the last season of the show, as X-Men '97 season 3 has been announced as currently in development. This aligns with season 1 showrunner Beau DeMayo's prior mention of the original plan for the show being a five-season long storyline, though it's unclear whether this is still in the works following Marvel splitting ties with DeMayo, or if an earlier chapter like season 3 may end up being the conclusion of the series.
X-Men '97 season 2 will be released on Disney Plus under the Marvel Studios Animation banner, continuing the first X-Men release developed by Marvel Studios since reacquiring the rights from Fox. The animation is modeled after that of X-Men: The Animated Series and is provided by Studio Mir, a Korean-based studio that has also worked on The Legend of Korra and My Adventures with Superman. Danielle Costa and Sean Gantka work as producers on the show.
Beau DeMayo served as head writer and creator of X-Men '97 seasons 1 and 2 and completed work on season 2 before being fired in March 2024, just days before X-Men '97 season 1 began streaming. Reasons surrounding DeMayo's departure remain unclear, but Marvel Studios' head of streaming, television, and animation, Brad Winderbaum, remains confident of the talent pool that can pick up where DeMayo left off (via Entertainment Weekly). DeMayo's replacement for potential future seasons is yet to be confirmed.
X-Men '97 Season 2 Is Already Confirmed X-Men '97 season 2 was approved before the first season began streaming. Disney's preemptive approval is likely thanks in part to the fact that the series has no bearing on the wider MCU narrative, meaning it doesn't need to be as wary of the narrative negatively affecting the cinematic franchise as a whole. As it stands, however, X-Men '97 is garnering rave reviews.
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X-Men '97 Season 2 Production Status Image via Disney+ Production began on X-Men '97 season 2 in September 2023, meaning that by the point of the season 1 finale in May 2024, the sequel season had already been in the works for several months. However, it may also need a longer production window, as Marvel cut ties with season 1 showrunner Beau LeMayo shortly before the first episode of the show released, meaning the production process likely has also needed to account for this not inconsiderable change, though LeMayo had reportedly finished up with his own writing duties for the second season before this took place.
X-Men '97 Characters & Cast X-Men '97 Cast
X-Men '97 Character
Cal Dodd
James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Lenore Zann
Anna-Marie Raven / Rogue
Lawrence Bayne
Carl Denti / X-Cutioner
Matthew Waterson
Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto
Ross Marquand
Professor Charles Xavier/Professor X
Ray Chase
Scott Summers/Cyclops
Jennifer Hale
Jean Grey
Alison Sealy-Smith
Ororo Munroe/Storm
Gil Birmingham
Adrian Hough
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
JP Karliak
George Buza
Dr. Henry McCoy/Beast
Holly Chu
Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Isaac Robinson-Smith
Lucas Bishop
Gui Agustini
Roberto De Costa
So far, only three voice actors have confirmed that they began working on X-Men '97 season 2 as far back as February 2023. Despite this, it can be comfortably assumed that most, if not all, of the voice actors from X-Men '97 season 1 will be reprising their roles based on the first season's ending, which showed the majority of the X-Men alive, albeit having been warped through time.
Interestingly, this also included the reveal of a young Nathan Summers, which leaves the matter of Cable voice actor Chris Potter's return unclear at this time - though he may return as Cable's adult self, with the child Nathan played by another actor instead. Indeed, it even appears that A.J. LoCascio may be reprising his role as Gambit based on the ending of the show, which appeared to reveal that Apocalypse may be looking to revive the currently dead X-Men hero to bring him in as one of his Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
DeMayo stated that one of the reasons behind replacing certain veterans was authenticity - such as in the case of Jubilee, who is now portrayed by Asian-American actor Holly Chou. Lawrence Bayne, who confirmed he would be returning in season 2, had originally voiced Nathan Summers/Cable in X-Men: The Animated Series but was replaced by Chris Potter due to reasons surrounding "intonations" which better convey Cable and Cyclops' father-son relationship (per Entertainment Weekly).
X-Men '97 Season 2 Story Image via Disney+ X-Men '97 season 1 closes with the majority of the cast being shown flung throughout time as a result of the chaos of the end of the first season, with Scott and Jean shown meeting a child version of their son in 3960 AD, and Professor X, Magneto, Rogue, Beast, and Nightcrawler sent to 3000BC, wherein they discover what appears to be a young Apocalypse. Forge is left trying to find the missing X-Men, with Bishop appearing to lend him a hand retrieving his missing comrades from their temporal traps.
All in all, the storyline sets up a prospective villain return via its tease of Apocalypse. -who also appears in the post-credits scene within the modern timeline - and suggests the series will at least at the start of X-Men '97 season 2 be split into four separate story chunks, as it's currently notably unclear where Wolverine, Storm & Morph are. This is especially crucial, as X-Men '97 season 1 also showed Wolverine endure sheer agony as Magneto split the adamantium that coated his bones from his skeleton, suggesting the trio may be sharing a storyline that tries to help Logan heal.
X-Men '97 Season 3 Is Also In-Development Image via Disney+ Those who've loved X-Men '97 will be glad to know that season 2 isn't the end of the journey by far, as X-Men '97 season 3 is already being worked on. This was confirmed as per an April 2024 interview with Phase Zero from Marvel Head of Streaming Brad Winderbaum, who explicitly stated that the third season was in process.
As the X-Men series has such a wealth of storylines to adapt from - and X-Men '97 season 1 has been received with such considerable critical praise - ensuring the series continues for as long as suits the overarching narrative it aims to tell is an ideal approach to the animated installment. Hopefully, X-Men '97 season 2 and 3 will continue to uphold the high standard the first has put in place for the show, and may even up the ante in some regards as the series continues to develop and grow.
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X-Men '97 is the direct continuation of the popular 1990s animated series X-Men: The Animated Series. Taking up where the third season left off, Marvel's revival brings back famous mutants such as Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, and Nightcrawler, who fight villains like Mr. Sinister, the Sentinels, and the Hellfire Club.
Cast Jennifer Hale , Chris Potter , Alison Sealy-Smith , Lenore Zann , Cal Dodd , Catherine Disher , Adrian Hough , Ray Chase , Chris Britton , George Buza Release Date March 20, 2024


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