The MCU"s Fantastic Four Can Easily Correct A Shocking Statistic From Fox"s 2015 Reboot

  • The Fantastic Four film in 2015 struggled with chemistry among the main team, lacking the family dynamic essential to the characters.
  • Sue Storm and Ben Grimm shared very limited dialogue in the 2015 film, neglecting their crucial relationship as members of Marvel's First Family.
  • To succeed, the MCU's Fantastic Four must emphasize the team's chemistry, creating a bond that will captivate audiences and mirror Guardians of the Galaxy's success.
Audiences are hoping the MCU can deliver The Fantastic Four film that Marvel's First Family deserves, and the movie can easily improve upon a problem introduced in 2015's Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four hasn't had a great film that captures what comic book readers love about Marvel's unique team. 2005's Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel received poor reviews from critics and audiences but were mildly successful at the box office. The 2015 reboot received even worse reviews than the Tim Story and was a catastrophic flop for Fox.
2015's Fantastic Four had dozens of problems, from its boring plot to its nonsensical depiction of Doctor Doom. However, one significant issue audiences had with it was the lack of chemistry between the main team. Despite the talented cast, including Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, the group never felt like a superhero family. A recent tweet went viral regarding a shocking statistic about the team's chemistry, and it shows how Marvel can make an easy change to improve the MCU's Fantastic Four.
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Sue Storm And Ben Grimm Only Share Dialogue Once In 2015's Fantastic Four Close 2015's Fantastic Four does depict the friendship between Reed Richards and Ben Grimm and the struggles they endure once Ben becomes The Thing. The film also hints at the romance between Reed and Sue Storm, along with the sibling relationship between Sue and Johnny Storm. However, the film does nothing to enhance the bond between Sue and Ben, completely forgetting that the pair needs to be friends.
In a viral tweet shared by @GunnerDobbins, the user responds to someone asking if the 2015 reboot is truly that bad. In response, they write, "Let me put it to ya this way: Sue and Ben share 0 dialogue with each other." The user corrects themselves, saying that Sue and Ben do share one line at the end where Sue corrects Ben over his suggested team name. Other than that, Sue and Ben never talk to one another on-screen, showing that Fantastic Four paid little attention to setting up the dynamic between the team members.
The Pair's One Scene Together Was Cut From The Film Fantastic Four had many problems regarding its production, and many things were cut out or switched around as the story changed and studio mandates were met. Sue and Ben's relationship was one of the film's elements placed on the chopping block, as they did share a scene that got cut from the final edit. In a 2015 interview with, Jamie Bell, who played Ben Grimm, described a deleted scene he shared with Kate Mara's Sue Storm.
"It was a scene where Dr. Storm is at Reed's house trying to tell his parents how talented Reed is and Reed's parents are going like, 'Okay, we don't know what our son is, but okay.' And she's kind of waiting outside and I come to, like, Reed's house, and I'm like, kind of awkward cause she's a girl and I'm like, 'What's going on in there? What are they talking about? Is he gonna be alright? Do I need to take care of this?' But really I played the scene with a superstar, it was kind of fun."
While this scene appears more focused on the growing romance between Reed and Sue, it would have been great to see another moment where Ben and Sue interact. They don't have the most interesting dynamic among the team, but the idea of The Fantastic Four is that they are a unique family within Marvel. Audiences need to be convinced that they love and respect one another, and that wasn't evident in this film.
The MCU's Fantastic Four Needs To Place Emphasis On The Team's Chemistry The first poster for 2025's Fantastic Four is already promising. It features the team sitting together in a 1960s sitcom environment, casually enjoying each other's company. Marvel understands that the four are a family and must have that familial bond. If audiences care about their bond, they will be more invested in their dynamic and the smaller relationships between the pairs.
Marvel should be aware of how important a team's chemistry is after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. While Peter Quill, Gamora, and Rock Raccoon are great characters by themselves, it's the relationships that make those films great. The bond between these unlikely heroes kept audiences returning to these films. The Fantastic Four needs to follow a similar model and ensure that each character has excellent chemistry with another, including Sue and Ben.
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