The MCU"s New Thanos-Level Villain Could Fix A Major Phase 4 Problem According To Marvel Theory

  • Galactus' MCU debut could help fix a major plot hole, potentially tying in with Eternals' storyline.
  • Galactus' introduction to the main MCU timeline could be tied into Tiamut's Emergence, avoiding it from being left unaddressed.
  • Galactus and Tiamut's connection could help explain Fantastic Four's potentially time-skipping storyline in the upcoming film.
The impending MCU introduction of Galactus in The Fantastic Four may well serve to fix a three-year-old franchise problem if one Marvel movie theory holds true. Audiences have been waiting with some considerable anticipation for the introduction of Marvel's First Family since it became clear the MCU timeline was set to be decidedly long-lasting, though the release of several divisively received Fantastic Four movies suggested this path wouldn't be easy.
However, hype for the MCU Fantastic Four film was rife from the moment it was first announced, and this has only increased with the reveal that iconic Marvel villain Galactus would be a part of the installment. While this is exciting on its own, the prospect of Galactus' arrival also fixing up a semi-abandoned major plot hole adds an even sweeter spot of potential to the character's MCU debut.
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Galactus' MCU Arrival Could Perfectly Tie Into Eternals' Emergence The MCU Has Already Set Up A Great Justification For Galactus Focusing On The Earth In Marvel comics, Galactus is primarily characterized by being essentially a force of nature, driven by a need to consume planets in order to sustain himself. While this suggests he may set his sights on the MCU's Earth to target next, it's worth noting this has parallels to another cosmic being recently depicted in the franchise: that of Eternals' Tiamut, who had been growing in the Earth's core and fed off the planet's lifeforce.
While Tiamut was set to destroy the Earth upon emerging from it after growing strong enough, this plan was cut short by the Eternals. However, this was not before the Celestial's body broke through the Earth's crust, creating a colossal change to the face of the MCU version of the planet, and ensuring there was a physical sign of the failed plan.
With both Tiamut's residual unused energy seemingly still contained within his husk, and the Earth still very much intact, it would make sense for Galactus to come calling to try and collect on this carefully cultivated energy pool that has been amassed over the course of centuries. In fact, the MCU approaching the character's introduction in this way would help both its future and its past in one fell swoop.
The MCU Needs To Address Eternals' Plot More Than It Has Tiamut's Emergence Isn't A Small MCU Event Close As of late, the most the MCU has approached the topic of Tiamut and the Emergence, despite the colossal scale of it and the implications it holds, has been to make a one-off joking reference to it in She-Hulk: Attourney At Law episode 2. Not only was this reference easy to miss - as it's a quick line in an online article stating, "Why is there a giant statue of a man sticking out of the ocean?" - it's also not one that focuses on the actual ramifications of this event in a meaningful way, either.
While Eternals was not the most popular MCU movie in recent history, this doesn't mean something so monumental for the timeline should be swept under the rug. As such, addressing the matter by connecting it to the kind of major deal that introducing Galactus would be is not only beneficial in making it appear as though the franchise was actively setting up the villain for a considerable period of time, but it also serves to add meaning to the Emergence itself instead of leaving it as a particularly grand loose end.
This is especially crucial given a considerable criticism of the MCU post-Endgame was how the franchise at points seemed to almost gloss over the Snap and not show the tangible impact of such an important concept. Given doing something like more or less ignoring Eternals' major twist would continue this kind of issue within the franchise, the MCU is best suited to find a way to approach it that still feels relatively unobtrusive.
A Galactus & Tiamut Link Could Help Explain Fantastic Four's Potential Time Skip The Fantastic Four's Teased 60s Setting Could Tie To The Modern Day Via Galactus The promotional material for The Fantastic Four has supported the idea that the movie is set in the 60s - with speculation being divided as to whether this is in the 60s of the main timeline, or whether The Fantastic Four may take place within a different universe entirely. This has naturally led to questions regarding how the MCU team will join the main roster of heroes, given the setup would create distance between the two groups either way.
Having Galactus become aware of or interested in the main MCU Earth as a result of Tiamut's failed Emergence and the events of Eternals could be the way this is approached. The MCU villain threatening the Earth in the current point of the timeline would be a viable justification for the Fantastic Four either appearing in order to try and protect the planet, or being sent to the time and universe as a result of their own ties to Galactus.
In this, the MCU could set up the story of its new heroes and villain neatly alongside one another, all while establishing a new danger for the Earth and wider multiverse too. With the franchise increasingly looking to focus on streamlining its release timeline and thus overarching narrative, the unexpected potential link to one of Phase 4's less successful movies could be just what The Fantastic Four needs to set Galactus up right.
The Fantastic Four (2025) Marvel's Fantastic Four is the first MCU movie to feature Marvel's First Family in the same live-action universe as the Avengers. It introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and precedes Phase 6's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.
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