Crispy Air Fryer Bacon

Making Air Fryer Bacon is so EASY! Enjoy crisp and evenly cooked bacon in under 10 minutes with the easiest cleanup.
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Air Fryer BaconWe love Air Fryer Recipes like Air Fryer Chicken Wings, not only because they cook faster, but they turn out extra crispy with little to no extra oil. If you crave crispy bacon, then this recipe is for you!
The air fryer method is so much easier to make than stovetop or baking in the oven because it’s quick, less messy and there’s no need to pre-heat the oven. You can make that epic BLT Sandwich in half the time.
How Long to Cook Bacon in the Air FryerThe cook time for this recipe can vary depending on the doneness of your bacon, the thickness of the bacon, and the style of your air fryer. Also, we do not preheat the air fryer for bacon.
  • Regular Cut Bacon – for softer bacon, air fry at 350˚F for 7 minutes, and for crispy bacon, cook 8 to 9 minutes
  • Thick-Cut Bacon – for softer bacon, air fry at 350˚F for 9-10 minutes, and for crispy bacon, cook 10-12 minutes.
Which Air Fryer is Best? We have 2 air fryers so we can thoroughly test air fryer recipes, but it depends on your needs. Not all air fryers are created equal so get to know your air fryer, peek in on your food to check progress, and adjust recipe timings as needed.
  • Basket Style Air Fryer – we have the 5.8 Qt Cosori Air Fryer which takes up slightly less counter space, works well for our family of 4, and has the easiest cleanup because the air fryer basket and liner are dishwasher-safe.
  • Toaster Oven Style Air Fryer – takes up a little more space, but is great for bigger families and you can cook most recipes in one batch. Depending on your particular model, it can cook faster. I cooked the bacon in the toaster oven style for 8 minutes, while it took 9 minutes in the basket style.
Common QuestionsCan I use turkey bacon? Yes, if you want to use turkey bacon, this recipe works great. Just cook the turkey bacon as you would regular bacon with no changes.
Do I have to preheat the air fryer? This depends on your air fryer. Some air fryers recommend preheating, but it is not necessary for bacon.
Should I add oil to the bacon? The bacon will release grease so you don’t need to spray the bacon or tray of the air fryer for cooking.
How to prevent bacon smoking? Since the smoke point of bacon fat is 400˚F, we air fry at 350˚F to avoid any smokiness while cooking bacon. Also, if cooking in batches, be sure to drain the drip pan of any oil and wipe clean with a paper towel.
You only have to try cooking bacon in the Air Fryer once for it to become your new favorite way to cook bacon. It’s perfectly crisp every time and since the air circulates, there’s no need to flip the bacon halfway.
Use Cooked Bacon for
  • Deviled Eggs – make the best Deviled Eggs with Bacon
  • Sandwiches – air fryer bacon is perfect for a BLT Sandwich
  • Omelets – so satisfying in our Egg White Omelete
  • Wraps – adds great flavor to a Chicken Wrap
  • Salad – a great addition to the Pasta Caesar salad


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