10 DC Roles Perfect For Mark Strong In The Batman Universe Following New Casting Rumors

  • Mark Strong is rumored for a role in DC's The Penguin series, opening a new opportunity for another iconic DC villain portrayal.
  • The Penguin could be the foundation for Strong having a major role in The Batman- Part II, expanding his DC villain repertoire.
  • Possibilities for Strong's role in The Penguin could include Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Black Mask, Mister Freeze, and more Batman villains.
Mark Strong is rumored for a role in DC's upcoming The Penguin series and there are so many dynamic Batman villains and characters he could potentially play. Although he has played supervillains both before and during the DCEU (Green Lantern's Sinestro and Shazam's Doctor Sivana), Matt Reeves' Gotham provides an exciting opportunity for Mark Strong to add a third classic foe to his name. As such, it's also possible that The Penguin could also serve as the perfect foundation that sets Strong up to play a major role in the upcoming The Batman- Part II.
Having been teased over social media, it's been reported that Mark Strong has been cast in an undisclosed role in 2024's The Penguin starring Collin Farrell as the titular crime boss as he claims power in Gotham's underworld. Taking place in the same universe and set between 2022's The Batman and 2026's The Batman-Part II, there are plenty of villains and roles that have yet to be cast in this new version of the Batman mythos. To that end, here are 10 of the most exciting DC roles for Mark Strong for the upcoming Penguin series.


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