10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Smallville, Ranked

  • Smallville featured heartbreaking deaths of major characters throughout its ten seasons.
  • The series showcased memorable villains like Darkseid, Bizarro, and Lex Luthor, which contributed to shocking character demises.
  • Many Smallville deaths taught important lessons to Tom Welling's Clark Kent.
Smallville saw many characters die in shocking ways, and Tom Welling's Clark Kent, as well as other characters, had to deal with heartbreaking losses over the course of the DC series. The Superman prequel series stands to this day as one of the most popular DC TV shows of all time. As the precursor to the Arrowverse, Smallville did an amazing job of setting up the groundwork for future DC series to thrive, with Smallville running for ten seasons.
Over its ten-season journey, Smallville saw Clark Kent go up against some impressive foes in his journey to becoming Superman. Some of Smallville's best villains include characters like Darkseid, Zod, Bizarro, and, obviously, Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. A few of the series' villains contributed to some shocking deaths, and even major characters were not safe from meeting their demise. While some deaths hurt a little more than others, here are Smallville's 10 most heartbreaking deaths.


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