Superman & Lois Season 4 Has The Perfect Opportunity To Pull Off A Man Of Steel Twist The DCEU Fumbled

  • Superman & Lois season 4 is likely to adapt "The Death of Superman" story with Hoechlin's Superman dying.
  • Henry Cavill's Superman also went through the same story in the DCEU, but Superman & Lois could do it better.
  • I think a time jump in the final season to show the aftermath of Clark's death and return in Superman & Lois would be the ideal move.
I believe Superman & Lois season 4 has been set up to approach one of the Superman stories the DCEU touched on, though the series can do a better job than DC's films. Superman is likely the most iconic superhero ever. There have been several adaptations of the Man of Steel over the years, with many actors playing Superman in live-action and animation. That continues to this day, with David Corenswet's Superman set to debut in 2025 and the Man of Steel continuing to be present in the animated space through My Adventures with Superman.
With The CW shifting its plans for scripted content and a new Superman soon rising in the DCU, Tyler Hoechlin's time as the Man of Steel will have to come to an end. Superman & Lois season 4 will be the final entry in the hero's ongoing live-action series, leaving Superman's TV presence to animation while Corenswet's Man of Steel dominates the live-action space in DC movies. I think the Superman & Lois season 3 finale very clearly set up a major Superman story from the comics for season 4, and the series can do it better than the DCEU.


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