Deadpool & Wolverine"s Newest Update Reveals A Crucial Wolverine Detail

  • Wolverine's MCU return raises questions about the Deadpool & Wolverine movie hero's backstory.
  • The synopsis hints at Wolverine recovering from recent injuries, possibly tying into a major battle teased in the trailer.
  • Popular theories point to Cassandra Nova or TVA as the main antagonist in the multiverse-spanning fight with Deadpool & Wolverine.
New information about Deadpool & Wolverine gives an update on Wolverine's MCU debut. When it was announced that Hugh Jackman would return as Wolverine, many wondered how this could happen, given the actor's swan song performance in Logan. Questions are raised as to whether this was definitely the same Wolverine audiences know from Fox's X-Men films or is it a variant from the MCU's multiverse, and while early information and Deadpool and Wolverine trailers haven't given viewers any definitive answers, they have left a few hints.
After tickets went on sale, Disney and Marvel shared a synopsis that alluded to Wolverine's current MCU status, which stated "Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he crosses paths with the loudmouth, Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy." This is a rather vague synopsis, which should be used to avoid spoilers. All it tells audiences is that Deadpool and Wolverine are teaming up against a shared villain or "common enemy", which anyone who has seen the trailers already knows. However, it features one crucial piece of information about Wolverine and the imminent threat the pair faces.
Related New Deadpool & Wolverine Reveal Makes The Movie's Wildest Theory Almost Inevitable A new image from Marvel Studios" Deadpool & Wolverine seems to support a major theory regarding the multiversal story of the upcoming Phase 5 movie.
Deadpool & Wolverine's Synopsis Suggests Wolverine Is Healing From A Major Battle Close The first trailer features the TVA's Mr. Paradox telling Deadpool that Wolverine let his universe down. There is plenty of speculation about what that means, including all the X-Men being dead in his universe or another catastrophic event that led to Wolverine becoming more reclusive. The synopsis reveals that Wolverine is "recovering from his injuries," meaning that whatever battle he was involved in happened fairly recently, leading into the idea that Wolverine "letting down" his universe may have been a fresher event than otherwise suspected.
This would also explain why the TVA is so desperate that they would turn to Deadpool for assistance in fighting this antagonist. Wolverine's universe is coming off of a devastating loss, and his universe may not be the only one that is destroyed. Additionally, this suggests Jackman's Wolverine is not a character who has been retired for a long time, but that his reluctance to help and isolated attitude may have started recently after healing from his injuries.
Who Is The Common Enemy Deadpool And Wolverine Are Teaming Up To Fight? Close The most popular theory regarding who Deadpool & Wolverine's main antagonist will be is Cassandra Nova. Nova is the villainous and extremely powerful sister of Charles Xavier, who possesses similar powers but uses them for more brutal purposes. She's played by Emma Corrin, who is seen in the trailer wearing the character's comic book-accurate tan suit and bald hairstyle, shown living in the hollowed-out skeleton of Ant-Man. The character also fights Wolverine briefly in the trailer, which could even be the event that initially wounds him to the point he has to actively recover from it despite his regenerative powers.
Nova being the villain makes the most logical sense, but another theory suggests it could be the TVA in a surprising twist. Much of the trailer takes place in The Void from Loki, suggesting the TVA has been doing more pruning of various timelines. There are also shots of Deadpool fighting TVA soldiers, suggesting he either didn't come willingly or turned against the organization after discovering a disturbing truth. No matter who it is, it will be exciting to see Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' enemy team up in a fight that spans the multiverse in Deadpool & Wolverine.
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