Why Spider-Man Spinoff Movie Was Delayed Revealed By Producer

  • Kraven the Hunter was delayed to December due to it being the best release period for the movie.
  • Christmas allows for moviegoers to return to the theaters multiple times.
  • The studio's excitement for the film led to the decision to move the release date.
Kraven the Hunter's delay has been explained by a producer.
Speaking to Collider, Kraven the Hunter producer Matt Tolmach revealed that the movie was delayed to December because it is "the best release period there is." Check out the full quote below:
"Kraven moved to Christmas because we're excited about it and Christmas is the best release period there is, when you get people with time to go back to the movies over and over again. That was a real reflection of how the studio felt about the movie. We're really excited. But that's a great move that reflects just the feeling about the movie."
Source: Collider


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