Spider-Man 4 Needs To Fix 1 Glaring Problem From His 6 MCU Appearances

  • Spider-Man's MCU appearances glossed over several important parts of Peter Parker's history, including Uncle Ben's death, Peter's first feelings for MJ, and his admission of his Spider-Man persona to Aunt May.
  • The MCU skipped parts of Spider-Man's story in order to avoid repeating the same plot points as previous Spider-Man adaptations.
  • Future MCU films could spend more time developing Peter Parker's personal struggles now that Spider-Man has gone back to square one.
Tom Holland's next MCU appearances, starting with Spider-Man 4, have one big story issue to solve. The MCU's upcoming Spider-Man 4 might pay off Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credits scene, which teased Venom’s integration into the MCU. Spider-Man may also face Kingpin, who’s gearing up to wage war on New York heroes and vigilantes. Daredevil, in turn, could team-up with the wall-crawler. After Spider-Man 4, Tom Holland's Spidey may still have plenty of stories to star in, as his MCU journey may only be beginning.
So far, Spider-Man’s MCU journey is already full of major events, from Peter Parker’s first superhero mission with the Avengers to his solo battles against classic villains like Vulture and Mysterio, to his multiversal adventure alongside his alternate-universe counterparts. Spider-Man has one of the richest histories in the comic book medium, so there’s more than enough material for future MCU movies to adapt. Surprisingly, though, various important parts of Spider-Man’s MCU history didn’t appear on screen altogether.
Too Many of Spider-Man’s Biggest Character Moments Happened Off-Camera Peter Parker's Most Intimate Moments Happened In Between Movies Close While Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has experienced more large-scale adventures than previous live-action iterations of the character, several of his life-changing events were left out of the movies. For instance, the MCU’s ansent Ben Parker has only been referenced through subtle lines of dialog, Spider-Man’s first battles with the homemade suit were glossed over, and Peter developed a crush on MJ off-screen in between Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Likewise, Peter explained his Spider-Man identity to Aunt May completely off-screen in between the same movies.
Peter had few opportunities to do any friendly-neighborhood street-level crime-fighting with his classic suit.
Spider-Man also grew wildly popular among New Yorkers before Spider-Man: Far From Home despite his few public appearances wearing his first official suit. Peter had few opportunities to do any friendly-neighborhood street-level crime-fighting with his classic suit, as he started wearing the Iron Spider and the black-and-red costume soon after the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, the only street-level fighting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been shown doing on screen (not involving a supervillain) was in the security camera footage Tony Stark showed Peter in Captain America: Civil War.
Why The MCU Rushed Spider-Man’s Early Story The MCU Needed Tom Holland's Spider-Man To Establish Himself As An Avengers-Level Superhero Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala The MCU glossed over some of Spider-Man’s most important life experiences in order to avoid repeating the same origin story for a third time on screen. Both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men experienced Uncle Ben’s death, got bitten by a spider, and tried to exact revenge for Ben’s death while wearing their first costume. Spider-Man: Homecoming didn’t have the time to include its version of these events nor a reason to repeat them.
2:21 Related MCU Spider-Man 4's Latest Update Has Me Worried For The Future Of Tom Holland's Peter Parker The MCU"s Spider-Man 4 is said to be a "significant event" movie, which could be bad for the next installment in Tom Holland"s Marvel film series.
The MCU also set up Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to be an Avenger from the start. Peter Parker’s origin story is well-known enough to skip. As shown by Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, the MCU’s Spidey didn’t need many personal details revealed on screen before jumping into action. Still, events like Peter Parker’s admission of his double life to Aunt May and his blooming feelings for MJ could have made for compelling scenes in any of Spider-Man’s six MCU appearances.
Spider-Man 4 Can Take The Time To Develop Peter Parker’s Personal Story Tom Holland's Spider-Man Will Face A New Beginning In His Next MCU Movie Custom image by Andy Behbakht Now that Spider-Man’s Avengers journey seems to be over, future MCU appearances may have enough time to focus on Peter Parker’s more personal stories. The MCU’s Spider-Man 4 can follow a down-on-his-luck Peter Parker as he struggles to make ends meet while balancing his superhero duties. Perhaps a new job at the Daily Bugle or a romantic relationship with a new character could be part of Spider-Man 4’s runtime, bringing the MCU’s Spider-Man closer to his grounded comic book roots.
Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will likely have the chance to rekindle his relationship with Zendaya’s MJ, possibly culminating in their final reunion by the end of Spider-Man's next MCU trilogy. Even if MJ doesn’t appear in Spider-Man 4, then Spider-Man 5 and 6 could provide enough time to develop Peter and MJ’s second relationship further than their first one. After all, it would be the first time MJ would fall in love with Peter, at least within her mind.
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