10 Captain America Deleted Scenes That Would Have Changed The MCU

  • Deleted scenes in Captain America's story could have altered the entire MCU trajectory.
  • Scenes like Hawkeye bonding with Bucky or Fury welcoming Cap could have changed the Avengers dynamic.
  • Captain America in PSAs would have redefined his role and made his self-righteousness seem hypocritical.
Across the hero's story in the MCU, there have been multiple deleted scenes featuring Captain America that could have changed the trajectory of the entire franchise. From early in the MCU’s movie timeline, Captain America has been one of the franchise’s most prominent heroes. Much as in the comics, Steve Rogers was introduced as the quintessential hero, possessing all the qualities that his fellow Avengers should typically aspire to. As such, his story became a key part of the MCU’s wider narrative.
Over Captain America’s many appearances in the movies of the MCU, there were multiple scenes that were ultimately deleted. Many of these deleted scenes featured developments or references that had the potential to lead the MCU to a very different outcome, significantly affecting the trajectory of the franchise’s story and characters. With that in mind, here are 10 Captain America deleted scenes that would have changed the MCU.
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10 Discarded Civil War Dialogue Hawkeye And The Winter Soldier Could Have Been Much Closer Close Though it may not be a deleted scene in the traditional sense, the script for Captain America: Civil War initially included a concept that could have had significant implications for the Avengers as a team. Originally, Hawkeye was introduced much earlier in the movie, and a scene in which he shares a conversation with Bucky Barnes was included. The dialogue between the two saw Hawkeye empathize with Bucky’s time as the Winter Soldier, explaining that he, too, had once been brainwashed into acting as a villain.
Had the scene made it into Civil War, the Avengers as a team might have been different. Should Hawkeye and Bucky have bonded, the latter would have had another major ally on the Avengers and may not have been exiled to Wakanda. This, in turn, could have seen Bucky given more of a chance to be a hero rather than vilified for his past.
9 Steve Rogers Meets Nick Fury Fury Greeting Cap In The Present Adds Something To Their Relationship After being introduced in the very first MCU post-credits scene, Nick Fury played a pivotal role in establishing the Avengers as a team. Throughout Phase 1, Fury is essentially the connective tissue of the MCU, working to enlist the franchise’s heroes for his Avengers Initiative. A deleted scene from Captain America: The First Avenger saw Fury personally welcome Steve Rogers to the present after he was rescued from the ice.
Having Fury be more hands-on in integrating Rogers into the present day would have redefined the pair’s relationship as well as Fury as a character. It gave Fury a more sympathetic aspect, showing that he cares about Rogers on a personal level rather than just as an asset. The scene having Fury be the one to explain the situation to Rogers in a crowded public place would have afforded a different perspective on the SHIELD director much earlier in his MCU story.
8 Hulk Finds Cap On Ice Finding Captain America Would Have Inextricably Tied Edward Norton To The MCU The Incredible Hulk remains something of an outlier in the MCU, as its events have rarely been revisited or referenced since its release in 2008. An alternate opening scene to the movie could have changed that, though, as it very briefly showed Captain America in the Arctic. It’s an incredibly easy-to-miss moment, but had the scene been made canon, it could have had major implications for the MCU.
Having Edward Norton’s Hulk be responsible for uncovering Captain America would have cemented his place in MCU canon. However, when the role was recast, the franchise distanced itself from The Incredible Hulk. This wouldn’t have been at all possible had Captain America been featured in the movie, as it would have tied Norton’s Hulk to his fellow Avenger, inadvertently making The Incredible Hulk far more important to the MCU’s overall story.
7 Rappin’ With Cap Captain America’s Multiple PSAs Subtly Redefine His Non-Avengers MCU Role As part of the bonus extras for Spider-Man: Homecoming, extended scenes featuring Captain America were included. These featured multiple alternate scenes showing Captain America performing several informational videos used for educational purposes. Though the extended scenes were entirely comedic in nature, their inclusion in the finished film would have actually redefined Captain America’s story in a subtle but incredibly important manner.
Having one of the most prominent heroes in the entire MCU perform PSAs for high school students reframes Captain America as a celebrity and a hero. Though this balance works for other Avengers, Steve Rogers’ story was more about living up to his own standards as a hero rather than appeasing the powers that be. Having Cap feature in such a way in canon would have added a slightly hypocritical spin to his story, making his self-righteousness in Civil War seem particularly unfounded.
6 Steve Rogers’ Other Romance Captain America’s Cut Romantic Subplot Would Have Redefined His Other Relationships Across multiple deleted scenes from 2012’s The Avengers, a subplot involving Steve Rogers saw him develop something of a spark with a waitress. After meeting and briefly flirting with waitress Beth, Steve Rogers is drafted to help SHIELD stop Loki. During the Battle of New York, deleted scenes showed Captain America rescuing Beth, with the pair sharing a meaningful look. Though the subplot is an incredibly minor addition to the movie, it could have had major ramifications for Rogers’ story.
The spark between Steve and Beth is evident, but Rogers opts not to pursue her in a romantic sense when pressed by another patron. However, the latter moment suggests that Steve still feels a connection to Beth, which undermines some of his residual feelings for Peggy Carter, considering his personal timeline. While the deleted subplot certainly had substance, it may well have negatively affected Steve Rogers’ happy ending with Peggy in a conceptual sense.
5 Bombs On Board Rhodey’s Joke Made Light Of Cap’s Heartbreaking Hero Moment Even some of the MCU’s more light-hearted deleted scenes could have potentially redefined elements of the franchise. In Avengers: Endgame, a deleted scene featuring Steve Rogers sees Rhodey tease him about the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, asking why he didn’t jump out of the plane before crashing into the ice. The scene is intended as comedic in nature, but the point it raises could have impacted Captain America’s entire MCU story.
Rhodey’s assessment of the situation that saw Cap frozen in ice leaves Rogers unable to respond. The fact that it appears Rhodey is entirely accurate in his analysis makes Cap’s heroic sacrifice seem much less important and makes the iconic hero seem pretty silly in hindsight. Though Cap’s frozen years allowed him to save the Earth in the MCU’s present, the deleted scene makes it seem as though it never should have happened at all.
4 A Man Out Of Time Cap’s Difficulty Adjusting To Modern Life Would Have Made Him More Tragic One of the most significant developments in Captain America’s MCU story was being frozen during WWII and then revived in the present. It’s a huge part of what makes him such an important hero to the Avengers - his values and attitude toward heroism reflect those of a different time. A deleted scene from The Avengers added additional context to his arrival in the present day, and it would have added an additional layer to the hero’s story had it stayed in the finished film.
The scene shows Steve Rogers struggling to adapt to modern life after arriving in the present. The sense of loneliness in the scene makes him seem a much more vulnerable figure, as it addresses the emotional weight of losing everything and everyone he loved. It actually fleshes Captain America out even more, affording an added depth to his MCU story.
3 Captain America Saves His Teammates Cap Coming To Hawkeye And Black Widow’s Rescue Would Have Undermined The MCU Heroes Another deleted scene from The Avengers could have had major ramifications for two MCU heroes due to the subtext it provides. The scene is set during the Battle of New York, with Hawkeye and Black Widow fighting off a swarm of Chitauri. The two heroes become increasingly overwhelmed by the aliens and are staring down the barrel of defeat when Captain America arrives to rescue them. Shortly after, Thor appears, and the Avengers continue the fight.
The scene creates the impression that Black Widow and Hawkeye are somewhat incapable of holding their own in major battles. As the two Avengers lack the powers and enhancements of their teammates, the imbalance in the team is already plain. However, the deleted scene appears to confirm that both Black Widow and Hawkeye are less capable than their fellow Avengers, which would naturally have hugely negative and unfair implications for their overall place in the MCU.
2 Gotta Get Me One Of Those Bucky’s Civil War Comment Teased His Future As Captain America Captain America: Civil War may contain deleted scenes that change Iron Man’s MCU story, but it also could have changed Bucky’s in a major way. Despite being incredibly short, one scene set during the climactic Clash of the Avengers seemed to tease a specific future for Bucky Barnes. After getting an opportunity to momentarily use Captain America’s shield in battle, Bucky off-handedly remarks: “Gotta get me one of those.”
The throwaway comment seems insignificant, but it subtly teases Bucky’s future as Captain America. In the comics, Bucky adopted the mantle for a time, and his comment about getting a shield hints that this might have been his MCU destiny, too. Had the scene remained in the movie, it may have been the precursor to Bucky becoming Steve Rogers’ successor, drastically altering the landscape of the MCU’s future.
1 Captain America Sees Graffiti In Sokovia Rogers’ Reaction To Being Called Fascist Reframes His Whole Arc Avengers: Age of Ultron features many moments that have far-reaching implications for the MCU, but one of its most meaningful occurred in a deleted scene. The scene shows the Avengers arriving in Sokovia, and Steve Rogers is immediately confronted with a large piece of graffiti that labels Captain America a fascist. Upon taking it in, he throws away his mask before heading off to battle Ultron with his teammates.
The scene gives additional context to Captain America’s MCU arc, as it sees him understand that his actions are interpreted negatively by civilian populations. It’s a powerful moment of realization for Steve Rogers, and it seems to have lasting effects on his approach to heroism and the Captain America persona. Though its inclusion might not have changed the character’s story, it added further context that would have made Captain America’s MCU story much deeper.
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