10 Marvel Characters We Want Jackman"s Wolverine To Fight In The MCU

  • While his future isn't certain, there are hopes that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine might interact with more MCU characters post-Deadpool & Wolverine.
  • Wolverine could face characters such as Bruce Banner's Hulk or versions of Spider-Man, opening up dynamic showdown possibilities.
  • Potential encounters with iconic heroes like Winter Soldier, Daredevil, or Captain America would be fascinating for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.
Although his future has yet to be confirmed after Deadpool & Wolverine, it would be very exciting to see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine fight or interact with multiple MCU characters beyond Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson. With an impressive legacy of playing Marvel's Weapon X on the big screen, Hugh Jackman has been the definitive Wolverine for over two decades. As such, there are plenty of fan hopes for Jackman's future, even if the odds suggest he won't have the biggest future following Deadpool & Wolverine.
Despite his iconic death in 2017's Logan, a new version of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is set to appear in the upcoming Deadpool movie. While it looks as though he'll first fight and try to kill Wade Wilson, the duo will eventually join forces in what looks to be a massive multiversal misadventure. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 other MCU characters we'd like to see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine encounter after Deadpool & Wolverine.
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10 The Incredible Hulk Mirroring Their Classic Comics Rivalry Close Seeing Wolverine taking on Bruce Banner's Hulk would be one of the most epic showdowns in the entire MCU. Connected to Wolverine's first appearance in the comics where he fought the Jade Giant, seeing a face-off finally realized on-screen would be quite impressive. However, one would hope that the MCU's Hulk will be more of his traditional rage monster self, rather than the Smart Hulk version of the modern post-Endgame era.
What's interesting is that scenes from Deadpool & Wolverine's trailers have featured the bed the Hulk slept in as seen in Thor: Ragnarok as well as the forest battle featured at the beginning of Age of Ultron, suggesting that an encounter with Banner could perhaps happen within the upcoming movie itself. After all, trailers have seen Wade and Logan jumping through a portal, implying anything could happen when the full movie releases in July, including an encounter with the Hulk.
9 Spider-Man Two Of Marvel's Most Iconic Heroes Close Spider-Man would also be another great option. Given Logan's aggressive personality, it's not hard to imagine Wolverine and Spider-Man being at odds with one another, at least at the onset. Ultimately, Spider-Man and Wolverine become good friends in the comics, with Logan appreciating the Webslinger more than most. That said, the potential of seeing Wolverine slashing through Spider-Man's webs on-screen would certainly be a visual spectacle.
As far as the future is concerned for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, the most likely place for another appearance beyond Deadpool & Wolverine would be Avengers: Secret Wars which will presumably culminate the entire Multiverse Saga. As such, there are significant hopes that Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man might also be featured in Secret Wars. As such, seeing the two biggest on-screen superheroes of the early 2000s going toe-to-toe before an inevitable team-up to help save the multiverse would be objectively brilliant.
8 Daredevil Incredibly Skilled Warriors With Heightened Senses Close Daredevil is another prime candidate to have a superhero showdown with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the MCU's future. Seeing as how Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock is being set up to have a much greater role in the MCU, it would be very exciting to see him encounter Logan at some point. Both Marvel heroes possess impressive skills as fighters while also having heightened senses. As such, a showdown between the two could be quite dynamic, as would a more multiversal conflict with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine facing the version of Daredevil that was played by Ben Affleck in 2003.
7 Captain America Connections To WWII Close Having a shared history in WWII, fans have long wanted to see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine encounter Captain America. The Super Soldier played by Chris Evans did go back to his original timeline after returning all the Infinity Stones at the end of Avengers: Endgame. However, it would be very cool if a flashback to WWII was revealed at some point to show Wolverine and Captain America interacting in the past.
Seeing Logan and Steve Rogers meeting and perhaps initially at odds with each other during WWII would be very compelling, especially if mutants are retroactively integrated into the MCU's timeline. However, a more modern encounter where Wolverine faces off with Sam Wilson's Captain America would be great as well. Either way, it would be fascinating to see how Logan's claws would fare against the iconic shield.
6 Black Panther Adamantium vs Vibranium Close In the same vein, the adamantium vs. vibranium debate is a face-off that could be even cooler if connected with Black Panther. The opportunity to have Hugh Jackman's Wolverine take on Shuri's Black Panther would be incredibly dynamic, especially with a global arms race brewing over vibranium in the wake of Wakanda Forever. It's also worth noting that T'Challa's Black Panther and Wolverine were never on the greatest of terms in the original comics, so perhaps elements of that tension could be given to Shuri instead.
5 Namor One Of The First Mutants Close As one of the MCU's first mutants to appear on-screen and in the timeline itself, Namor would be a very exciting rival for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. The ruler of the underwater nation of Talokan, Namor is incredibly powerful and his people view him as a literal god. As such, pitting Namor's mutant abilities against Wolverine's would undoubtedly prove to be quite brutal, especially considering their shared aggression. Likewise, there's no way Logan would ever tolerate Namor's pride and arrogance for very long. They also share extended lifespans, having lived for centuries longer than those around them.
4 Bullseye Deadly Accuracy vs Healing Factor Close The idea of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine facing Bullseye in the MCU would be incredible and all kinds of bloody. While Bullseye possesses incredibly deadly accuracy, Wolverine would just keep coming due to his accelerated healing factor, making for an absolutely vicious showdown. Likewise, the method in which Bullseye's spine was repaired in the aftermath of Netflix's Daredevil season 3 has connections to Wolverine and the Weapon X program where he got his adamantium-covered bones, providing a potential foundation for the two characters to perhaps cross paths in the future.
3 Power Broker Based In Madripoor Close The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced the MCU's version of Madripoor for the very first time, one of the seediest cities in the Marvel Universe and a hive for black market activities. This included the Power Broker's operations and dealings with the Super Soldier formula, eventually revealed to be Sharon Carter. Seeing how Wolverine and his undercover identity Patch were teased with Madripoor's Princess Bar in the MCU show, an encounter could be in the cards. Likewise, Logan's "Patch" alias has also been teased in trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine.
2 Winter Soldier Battle of Living Weapons Close Having his own dark history tied with Wolverine's, Logan has no love for Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier after he killed Wolverine's wife in the original comics. That being said, they were both turned into living weapons, Logan by Weapon X and Bucky by Hydra. As such, seeing the two of them crossing paths and facing off against each other in the MCU would be fascinating. They're both willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, having little qualms with being as dark as necessary, and they're both the best at what they do.
1 Mysterio His Darkest Illusion Close While it may seem odd at first, a showdown between Wolverine and Mysterio would be huge. There is a reality in the comics where Mysterio successfully hurt Wolverine more than any Marvel villain ever has. As seen in Mark Millar's Old Man Logan storyline, a flashback to the supervillains' alliance and global takeover saw Mysterio manipulating Logan's mind and senses into believing the X-Mansion was under attack.
It's only after Logan kills all the intruders that he realizes that he'd been attacking the X-Men themselves. As such, this could be the scenario teased in Deadpool & Wolverine in which Hugh Jackman's Wolverine "failed" his universe, though it's been theorized that Emma Corrin's Cassandra Nova might be the one who manipulates Logan instead. At any rate, any kind of showdown in the future between Jackman's Wolverine and Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio would be exciting. After all, there's a chance that the MCU's Mysterious might still be alive.
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