Wolverine Battles The MCU"s Hulk In Epic MCU Concept Poster

  • Wolverine makes MCU debut with Deadpool, sparking excitement for potential Marvel rivalries to play out on-screen.
  • Fans eagerly anticipate potential battles like Hulk vs Wolverine or Spider-Man vs Wolverine after Deadpool & Wolverine.
  • Speculation swirls around Hugh Jackman's future in the MCU, with possibilities of encounters with Doctor Strange or Kang.
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is set to officially debut in the MCU with Deadpool & Wolverine, and speculation is high about which other heroes and villains the famous X-Men member could come across next. Though it was presumed that Jackman's final appearance as Wolverine would be in the wonderfully emotional Logan, the actor surprised audiences when he confirmed that he'd don the claws one more for a multiversal adventure with Ryan Reynold's Deadpool. Though it seems that the featured Wolverine will be a variant of the one seen throughout Fox's X-Men franchise, it's wonderful seeing Jackman back once again.
If Jackman does stick around for any more projects, there are plenty of iconic Marvel Comics rivalries that would be exciting to see play out in live-action. One such is Wolverine and the Hulk - near-limitless healing vs near-limitless anger and strength. Artist agtdesign has imagined what such a clash might look like in the MCU with his concept poster for a Hulk Vs Wolverine movie. Check it out below:
While a full-on Wolverine movie seems unlikely after Deadpool & Wolverine, it's nevertheless exciting to consider what could come to pass.
2:06 Related Every Character Not Returning For Deadpool 3 Previous Deadpool movies have introduced multiple Marvel characters, but some of these will not be returning for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine.
Which Marvel Characters Is High Jackman's Wolverine Most Likely To Fight? Close It's been widely assumed that Hugh Jackman won't be continuing on after Deadpool & Wolverine in the MCU outside a possible Avengers: Secret Wars cameo, but it's possible he will stick around until the MCU's new Wolverine debuts. If so, there are plenty of iconic fights that could be great to see on the big screen. While Hulk would likely be the most requested battle, seeing Jackman's Wolverine and Holland's Spider-Man go toe-to-toe as they've done in the comics would be an engaging mix of brutal anger vs speed and finesse.
Related Marvel Is Finally Building To Hulk vs. Wolverine - But There's A Catch Hulk vs Wolverine is a fight many fans have been clamoring for in live-action, which Marvel Studios could provide - only with a specific catch.
While the matchup seems a bit more skewed, it also seems possible that Doctor Strange could show up in Deadpool and Wolverine, and Logan could try to fight the Sorcerer Supreme before being convinced Stephen is on his side. In Deadpool & Wolverine trailers, the titular heroes jump through one of Strange's trademark sling-ring portals. Other sorcerers can create them too, of course, but it's a hint that the mystic arts will at least be involved to some degree. Strange hasn't really dealt with a physical brawler on-screen, so the interesting dichotomy could make for a memorable scene.
Jackman could also be saving one last fight for an epic Avengers showdown. While he's unlikely to come to fists with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, he could possibly throw down with a Kang variant should the villain try to conquer his timeline. Regardless, audiences can eagerly await Deadpool & Wolverine's release this summer to see if Jackman has a chance to continue on in other Marvel Studios projects or if his time with the claws seems to be truly finished.
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Source: agtdesign/Instagram


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