"Who The Hell Is That Guy?" - Why Reacher"s Alan Ritchson Was Recast As Aquaman

  • Alan Ritchson's early appearance on Smallville sparked the development of an Aquaman spinoff that never materialized.
  • Ritchson was recast as Aquaman due to concerns about his recognition and experience level by UPN leadership.
  • Starring in the Aquaman pilot could have changed Ritchson's career trajectory, but nevertheless his Hollywood career is now on the rise.
Over 15 years ago, Alan Ritchson seemed set to be an essential part of the DC Universe on television after his role on Smallville. Years before being cast in the Prime Video series Reacher as the titular hero, the actor appeared as Arthur Curry in an episode of Smallville. With a superhero's physique and a brusque charm, Ritchson has recently become a common fancast for the DCU Batman, among other charismatic, muscular heroes. Interviews with the star show him to be an amicable person along with an excellent performer, and it seems inevitable that he will play a notable superhero in a larger capacity.
Smallville was a big hit for The CW, and The WB before it, and featured excellent adaptations of many characters from DC mythology. Throughout the seasons, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Blue Beetle, and many other heroes appeared in the Superman prequel series. It is notable, however, that despite some conversations, no other series spinoff went nearly as far into development as Aquaman. Ritchson was an important part of that program's inception and development, even if it was never ultimately realized with the actor attached.


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