The Batman 2 & 3 Filming Rumor Addressed By James Gunn

  • James Gunn denied the rumor that The Batman - Part II and The Batman 3 will be filmed back-to-back in 2025.
  • The Batman 3 has not been formally announced, as Warner Bros. may base its decision on the success of The Batman - Part II.
  • The Batman - Part II was delayed due to Hollywood strikes and an incomplete screenplay, with the release date set for 2026.
Matt Reeves' DC franchise is getting ready to expand with The Batman - Part II, and now James Gunn addresses new filming rumors that also involve The Batman 3. While Gunn's DC Universe is still being built, one of DC Studios' Elseworlds properties is continuing its world expansion. In addition to The Penguin TV show arriving later this year on Max, Reeves is also actively working on The Batman - Part II story.
While celebrating the DC Comics debut of Vigilante, who will be returning for Peacemaker season 2, Instagram user kemper2004 managed to get the DC Studio co-CEO's attention in regard to a new The Batman - Part II rumor. The rumor emerged that The Batman - Part II and The Batman 3 would be filmed back-to-back in 2025, but Gunn said that there is no truth to it.
It's worth taking into account that The Batman 3 has, at the time of this story's publication, not been formally announced by Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios. An announcement about The Batman 3 may only happen once The Batman - Part II has been released, as the decision may be based on its box office and critical reception.


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