James Gunn Addresses The Batman - Part II Cancellation Fears

  • The Batman - Part II and Matt Reeves' planned Batman trilogy are not being canceled.
  • Robert Pattinson's first Batman film was a success, leading to more Batman spinoffs.
  • Updates on The Batman - Part II have been scarce due to delays caused by the 2023 Hollywood strikes.
James Gunn reveals whether The Batman - Part II is getting canceled. Gunn is hard at work crafting the next ten years of releases in the new DC Universe. However, as one of DC Studios' co-CEOs, the director's job is to look after all DC adaptations, which includes the upcoming The Batman - Part II and other Elseworlds stories. As updates on the sequel to Matt Reeves' The Batman have been hard to get, rumors about the movie getting canceled have started to spread, and Gunn has now addressed those.
On Instagram (via DCFilmNews/Twitter), Gunn confirmed that The Batman - Part II and the planned Batman trilogy by director Matt Reeves will not be canceled.
Robert Pattinson's first Batman outing was a major success, both in terms of its box office and reception from critics and the audience. The Batman universe will soon expand with The Penguin series in September. The spinoff will bridge the gap between the two Batman films. More The Batman spinoffs are planned among DC's future projects.


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