It"s Official, My Adventures With Superman Just Confirmed The Worst Version Of Lex Luthor

  • My Adventures With Superman's Lex Luthor is a uniquely frustrating version of the villain.
  • The show sets the stage for Lex Luthor to grow in power and ego, becoming a bigger and more troubling threat over time.
  • Lex's personal narrative in My Adventures With Superman seems to be a long-term origin story, potentially leading to a more traditional version of the DC villain.
My Adventures With Superman season 2, episode 4 cements its iteration of Lex Luthor as my current most despised version of the DC villain, after several scenes that make it clear he's a unique kind of menace. Lex Luthor is an antagonist that seems so straightforward in a lot of ways that I think it actively makes him harder to get right. Given he's associated with a lot of villain tropes with centuries-long histories, changing him up at all risks losing what makes him work so well - but avoiding switching things up entirely risks making a version of the character who fades into the background.
Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor proved to me years ago that DC shows and movies can absolutely nail the villain in a way that it might otherwise seem only comics can truly pull off, but a more recent release has reinforced that belief further. While My Adventures With Superman's Lex Luthor is very different in a lot of regards, this is what makes him work so well in the show - and what makes him an especially annoying Superman antagonist.


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