X-Men "97 Creator Responds To Criticisms Of Morph"s Feelings For Wolverine: "Offensive & Straight-Washing"

  • Beau DeMayo addresses criticism of Morph's feelings for Wolverine in X-Men '97 as "offensive and straight-washing."
  • Morph's confession to Wolverine was always intended to be romantic from DeMayo's perspective as a queer writer-showrunner.
  • The finale of X-Men '97 sets up a potential tragic story of unrequited love between Morph and Wolverine for future seasons.
Beau DeMayo has kicked back against those with criticisms of Morph's feelings for Wolverine in X-Men '97, dubbing them "offensive and straight-washing" as he clarifies the truth surrounding the Marvel animation. X-Men '97 aired its final episode nearly one month ago and ended on a high note, wrapping up the first season satisfyingly, while setting up plenty of enticing plot threads for X-Men '97 season 2. One of these was the romantic feelings that Morph confessed to Wolverine, who was unconscious at the time following Magneto's attack, while in the guise of Jean Grey.
"Straightwashing" in fiction is the act of portraying an LGBT character as heterosexual and/or cisgender.
Despite DeMayo explicitly stating that Morph's confession was real, some continue to deny this, prompting the X-Men' 97 creator to call such a response "offensive and straight-washing." DeMayo's post on Twitter/X can be seen below:
Though Morph had transformed into Jean Grey before delivering their confession, DeMayo has made it doubly clear that the line was from Morph's heart. Delivered in the final sequence of the finale, it sets up an interesting dynamic for the two characters going forward, particularly as Wolverine will presumably remain unaware of Morph's feelings for some time. Either way, the confession should come as no surprise to those paying attention.
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How X-Men '97 Set Up Morph's Moment With Wolverine In The Finale Close Morph and Wolverine have been depicted as being close throughout X-Men '97, with the two gravitating towards each other in many scenes. Most of Morph's appearances in X-Men '97, in fact, depict them interacting with Logan. These often take the form of Morph playfully prodding at their friend while in the guise of someone close to Wolverine, such as a pregnant Madelyne Pryor.
Morph is also confirmed in X-Men '97 as being nonbinary.
One of the biggest hints at Morph's feelings for Wolverine came during X-Men '97 episode 3, "Fire Made Flesh," where the inhabitants of the X-Mansion were subjected to haunting hallucinations caused by Pryor. Morph's vision took the form of Wolverine in the shower, whereupon they suggestively offered to help him reach the "hard-to-reach places." Morph is also all too keen to tussle with the brawler after turning into Sabertooth, Wolverine's arch-rival.
The straightwashing comments have arisen as certain viewers refuse to see Morph's interactions as coming from a place other than platonic friendship. Yet suggestive scenes were given credence by Morph's confession, drawing a line beneath all questions and setting up what may be a tragic story of unrequited love in seasons to come. Whether this is the route the writers will go down remains to be seen. DeMayo had been fired from X-Men '97 before season 1 premiered. Still, it seems as though Morph and Wolverine's complicated relationship could continue in X-Men '97 season 2.
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Source: Beau DeMayo/Twitter/X


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