Nicolas Cage"s Older Spider-Man Is Set To Repeat Tobey Maguire"s Biggest Spider-Man Movie Change

  • Cage's Spider-Man Noir in the TV show will feature organic web shooters, similar to Tobey Maguire's version of the hero.
  • The show's 1930s setting and character traits make organic web shooters a logical choice for the noir-inspired Spider-Man.
  • Expect Noir's live-action adaptation to focus more on a detective-based story, diverging from the traditional MCU Spidey movies.
The Noir TV show starring Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man will repeat Tobey Maguire's biggest movie change. The Noir TV show was announced in 2024, coming as a surprise to many. Despite Cage voicing the character in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the upcoming Spider-Man TV show was certainly unexpected. Many assumed Cage would only reprise his role in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse's story, but a live-action reimagining of the character is in the works at Amazon Prime.
With the upcoming Marvel TV show causing a lot of excitement, attention is naturally turning to how the character will be developed in live-action. Given the title of the show and the character it takes its name from, Noir will likely be a more detective-based story around the character of Spider-Man. As such, the show will be different from most other iterations of the Web-Slinger, especially the MCU's upcoming Spider-Man 4. That said, Noir will match one iteration of the hero - specifically Tobey Maguire's - by repeating a major comic book change made for the Raimi trilogy.
Nicolas Cage's Noir Will Likely Be The Second Spider-Man With Organic Web Shooters Spider-Man Noir Did Not Have Artificial Web Shooters In The Comics Custom Image by Grant Hermanns The change in question is Spider-Man's organic web shooters. In Marvel Comics, Spider-Man has long been known for his webbing, which is formed by Peter Parker's development of technological web shooters mounted on his wrists. However, upon the release of 2002's Spider-Man, it became clear that Sam Raimi changed this for Maguire's Spider-Man, making the webbing an organic creation within his body as a result of the radioactive spider bite.
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This was a big change from Marvel Comics and was reversed for subsequent live-action Spider-Man actors Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. With Noir, though, it seems organic web shooters will return. In Spider-Man Noir's original comics, his webbing was organic, manifesting as a blob-like net of webbing. If the Noir TV show adapts this, Nicolas Cage's Spider-Man Noir will become the second live-action Spider-Man to forego artificial webbing in favor of organic shooters.
Why Organic Web Shooters Make So Much Sense For Noir Noir's Time Setting & Central Character Make Organic Web Shooters The Correct Choice Custom Image by Nicolas Ayala Although organic web shooters were a point of discourse surrounding Maguire's Spider-Man, it makes a lot of sense for Noir. Firstly, it follows the comics in a way Maguire's change did not. Secondly, the major differences surrounding the character of Spider-Man Noir mean that artificial web shooters would be nonsensical. The show is expected to take place in the 1930s, meaning the technology for artificial web shooters would not have been created yet.
It would simply be out of character for him to create a piece of technology like web shooters, further supporting the organic creation of his webbing...
This is supported by web shooters being highly advanced in modern-day Spidey stories, let alone in the past. Furthermore, the version of Spider-Man in Noir is not a scientific genius like Peter Parker is. It would simply be out of character for him to create a piece of technology like web shooters, further supporting the organic creation of his webbing. Dialing back Spider-Man's web shooters for Noir will help sell the more grounded, less fantastical, gritty tone that the show will undoubtedly be striving for, all while providing an organic similarity with Tobey Maguire's iteration of the Marvel Comics hero.
Spider-Man Noir Action Spider-Man Noir is an animated television series set in a dark and gritty universe. The show follows the story of Peter Parker, a cynical and violent Spider-Man who lives in a black-and-white world. This darker take on the Spider-Man character is set in the 1930s and features a film noir-inspired aesthetic.
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