George Lucas Defends Marvel Movies & Claims Martin Scorsese Has Changed His Mind After 2019 Criticism

  • According to George Lucas, Martin Scorsese may have changed his mind on Marvel movies.
  • George Lucas suggested that if the image moves, it's cinema, which may be why Scorsese has softened his stance.
  • At Cannes Film Festival, Lucas indicated that Scorsese's opinion on Marvel movies has shifted slightly.
5 years after criticizing the MCU, Martin Scorsese has reportedly changed his mind according to George Lucas. It's no secret that Marvel movies are typically money-spinners, with the brand of entertainment they offer appealing to a huge swathe of fans. Despite this, Scorsese was famously quoted as saying "I don't think [Marvel movies are] cinema," in 2019 - something which George Lucas has suggested that Scorsese has since contradicted.
Lucas, who created Star Wars, made the comment at this year's Cannes Film Festival (via World of Reel), where he insisted that Scorsese may have changed his opinion on Marvel movies, stating:
"Look. Cinema is the art of a moving image. So if the image moves, then it's cinema. I think Marty has kind of changed his mind a little bit."
Source: World of Reel


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