Govt arranges return of designated rubbish bags sold in convenience stores

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announced on Tuesday that it will start recalling the designated plastic bags sold in convenience stores and distributing them in public and certain private housing areas.
This came after the government decided not to implement the waste-charging scheme on August 1 as originally planned.
The webpage for the scheme, which listed the retail locations of the plastic bags, has also been removed.
However, the convenience stores were still seen selling the product and have continued to place them in noticeable areas.
EPD stated that retailers have already stopped selling the bags, and the department will arrange the return gradually.
It added that there are about 170 million various-sized bags still in storage and cost about HK$74 million to make.
The department pointed out that starting from the end of the month, they will distribute the designated bags to public housing tenants free of charge, along with the private estate and housing tenants who had signed the waste reduction and recycling charter scheme, stressing that the government still has need of the bags.
The EPD pointed out that they do not have a mandated monthly production amount and arranged for the suppliers to create the designated bags based on reserves and future needs.


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