All 10 Eternals Ranked By How Useful They Would’ve Been Against Thanos

  • Despite their powers, each Eternal's abilities vary in usefulness against MCU threats like Thanos.
  • Ajak's healing, Sprite's illusions, & Druig's mind control make them limited in helping against Thanos.
  • However, Kingo's energy blasts and Gilgamesh's strength could be assets in fighting the Mad Titan.
The Eternals were introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021, creating a team many said would have been helpful in the fight against Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Inserting the large cast of characters in Eternals into the MCU retroactively has had challenges, requiring reasons to justify why the Eternals could not have joined the fight in previous Avengers sequels. With a possible sequel on the horizon, it is worth interrogating each character's abilities and how those could integrate into an MCU team.
Your browser does not support the video tag. While they are all powerful, each of Marvel's Eternals’ own powers dictates their strengths and weaknesses. With various levels of superhuman ability, each of the Eternals also has a specific power that could be useful against MCU threats. Many of these are situation-specific, but others have countless applications. With performers like Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, and Brian Tyree Henry in the cast, it is only a matter of time before the Eternals appear beside the Avengers in the MCU. Understanding each one's powers and how they would perform in a fight helps to contextualize their place in future Marvel projects.
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10 Ajak Has Healing Powers Close Unfortunately, someone has to be at the bottom of the list, and Ajak's powers, while significant, would not be especially helpful in a fight against Thanos. Certainly, her ability to heal others in any team dynamic would be an asset. However, in an all-out assault like the one required to fight Thanos, this would be limited in its assistive capacity.
Thanos is a threat where pure strength and resilience are required at a baseline. While Ajak could assist with the healing of others who fell, the fact is that in a fight with Thanos, they would likely fall again and again even as she healed them. Greater offensive, rather than defensive powers, would be required in any fight with Thanos.
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9 Sprite Can Create Illusions Close Sprite can create illusions that can deceive. These would be an asset to any fighting team. However, when faced with the powers of the Infinity Stones and their ability to shape reality and space, these powers would be very limited in their applications, especially since, when touched, many of these illusions fall apart immediately. While assistive, there is little that Sprite would be able to offer in a fight against Thanos.
Certainly, in the battle of Infinity War, these abilities would have been of great use against Thanos' armies. However, it cannot be denied that they would be limited in their application against Thanos himself. If Wanda Maximoff was unable to subdue Thanos with her witchcraft and conjuring of images, it seems very unlikely that Sprite would be able to make much of a similar impact.
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8 Druig Has Powers Of Mind Control Close The extent to which Druig's abilities can be used would determine his efficacy in a fight against Thanos. While the character has elements of mind control in his abilities, including the capacity to put people to sleep, it is unclear if this power only works on humans or if it would work on Thanos. This ambiguity goes a long way in making Druig a wildcard for this group.
With that said, Mantis had very strong abilities of mind control to the point where she was even able to use them on Ego, the living planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Despite this, she was barely able to keep Thanos unconscious for more than a few moments during Infinity War. For Druig to add much of anything additional to the fight against Thanos, he would need to be exponentially more powerful than Mantis, which is an enormous and unlikely ask.
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7 Kingo Shoots Energy Blasts From His Hands Close Consdering Kingo's absence in the final battle of Eternals, it is difficult to assess his abilities against the greatest of threats. This also suggests that he may not be the most dependable when needed. While enabled with many of the same superhuman attributes that the rest of the team has, Kingo also has the ability to shoot beams of energy from his fists.
While these blasts are sufficient for battling foes like the deviants, it is hard to know how they compare to the beams that Wakandan weaponry and Iron Man's suit can fire. Even if they are significantly more powerful, projectile weaponry seems not to be especially successful against Thanos and his army. Consequentially, Kingo may be able to offer something in a fight against Thanos, but he would be severely limited.
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6 Gilgamesh Has Overwhelming Physical Strength Close Brute force goes far in a fight against Thanos. To an extent, brute force was all that it took for Thor to swing and damage the Mad Titan at the end of Infinity War. Had he aimed for the head in that case, that might have been enough to destroy Thanos and save the universe. Gilgamesh, too, could potentially have the strength to do this. Still, as proven by the impotent use of the Hulkbuster armor against Thanos in Infinity War, simple strength is not always enough. Even then, Gilgamesh may not be as strong as the Hulk.
Gilgamesh would certainly be an asset in a fight against Thanos if he had not perished in Eternals. If Mantis were to render Thanos mostly unconscious, Gilgamesh may have had the strength to pull the gauntlet from Thanos' hand. All of this, however, is situation-dependent, and Gilgamesh has only a limited, albeit helpful, skillset to offer that other heroes may match or exceed.
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5 Sersi Can Transmute Matter Close Sersi, the second of Gemma Chan's MCU roles, has a power that perhaps has the greatest potential. Used in the final battle of Eternals, her ability to change the matter of things allowed her to turn Tiamut into marble. This seemingly unlimited ability could elevate Sersi significantly in a fight against Thanos. However, it is hard to tell how it could be used successfully while facing the brunt of Thanos' physical and reality-bending powers.
Against Thanos' abilities with the Reality Stone, even if Sersi used her powers wisely, the two would be evenly matched in terms of manipulating matter. With Thanos' additional abilities and powers, it is unclear how well Sersi could match up. This places her squarely in the middle of the list, as her success would depend on the situations she faced.
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4 Makkari Has Super Speed Close Speed has been an underexplored power in the MCU. While Quicksilver featured the ability in his brief appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, no other MCU hero has been allowed to run circles around the rest. Speed tends to be more common in the out-sized, godlike heroes of the DCU, because of how overpowered it is. Makkari, with this ability, could cause significant damage in a fight against Thanos.
Thanos is an intelligent and aware enemy, and he could likely stop a rapid force that came at him. Makkari, however, would be able to accomplish a great deal even considering this. She could speed in and take his gauntlet or help others to wreak havoc in some other way before the Mad Titan was even aware she was there. Speed would be a significant asset in a fight against Thanos, and would add a lot to any MCU team, but it might not be enough on its own.
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3 Phastos Has the Power of Inventions Close Phastos is one of the most unassuming members of the Eternals. With a family he is dedicated to, the character seems well-acclimated to human life in a way that is not becoming of an overpowered, extra-terrestrial being. While all of this is important to understanding his motivations, it is most notable that Phastos successfully subdued Ikaris in Eternals, at least temporarily. With Ikaris having an unrelenting strength greater than the rest of his compatriots, this significantly ranks Phastos' power.
With this ability, plus Phastos' brain and the technology that he constructs, he would be incredible in a fight against Thanos. Like Tony Stark, he has the mind to assess his situation and to take the required steps to defeat his enemies. With time to plan and to create, combined with his incredible abilities and strength, Phastos would perform well against Thanos in any fight.
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2 Ikaris The Strongest Eternal Close Ikaris may be too dark for the MCU, but he also seems the logical top choice to be the most effective in a fight against Thanos. With his super-strength and abilities unmatched within the group, he certainly has the power to crush virtually any threat. Incredibly fast and well-rounded with the ability to fly, Ikaris is occasionally called the Superman of the MCU. With these abilities, few would be able to stand in his way.
Where Ikaris fails is in his moral standings and his ability to work within a team. Ikaris has greater loyalties to Arishem, and his ability to stand for any cause or against any foe must first be filtered through that allegiance. In a simple, physical fight, it seems possible that Ikaris would be able to defeat Thanos. However, his ability to participate in that fight, and even which side he would choose to be on, and how that might change, must be considered.
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1 Thena The Best Rounded For Any Situation Close Intelligent and trained in all sorts of combat with all kinds of tools while also taking her responsibility seriously, Thena would be the greatest asset in a fight against Thanos in the MCU, largely due to her proficiency in combat. Thena's character is strong and dedicated to her mission, which she will never allow to be perverted. Her alliances stand strong, and even if Ikaris has perhaps stronger abilities, the end of Eternals shows that large threats can be defeated with the cooperation and teamwork she believes in.
While she may be disconnected from people and even her own team to some extent, Thena has proven to be a capable asset within any team operation. She is among the best-rounded fighters in the Eternals, and her strength, dedication, and abilities are sufficient to take down the Mad Titan. Thanos would perhaps do well in single combat against some of the other Eternals. However, he would not stand a chance if faced by Thena or an MCU team that featured other members of the Eternals.
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