Charlie Cox"s New Comments Reveal Marvel Is Bringing Back The Best Part Of Netflix"s Daredevil Show

  • Daredevil: Born Again will feature one-shot fight sequences, which were a hallmark of the original Netflix series.
  • The MCU can showcase multiple characters' unique fighting styles, like in Daredevil.
  • Marvel is taking inspiration from the Netflix series for fight scenes in Daredevil: Born Again.
Daredevil: Born Again is heading in the right direction after Charlie Cox confirmed one of the best elements of the Netflix series will return in the MCU's reboot. The MCU's Daredevil series has gone through many creative changes. At first, the series wanted to be different from the Netflix show, with the only two cast members carrying over being Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin and Cox's Matt Murdock. However, more elements from the Netflix show have since been added in.
In addition to D'Onofrio and Cox, several other Daredevil cast members are crossing over to the MCU, including Jon Bernthal's Punisher, Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page, Elden Henson's Foggy Nelson, and Wilson Bethel's Bullseye. That said, it wasn't just Daredevil's cast that audiences enjoyed. The Marvel series had brutal, well-choreographed fight sequences that felt refreshing compared to the MCU's more toned-down fights. Cox recently said these fights, and a fantastic filmmaking trick utilized in the Netflix series, will return.
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Daredevil: Born Again Will Include One-Shot Fight Sequences, According To Charlie Cox Close Each season of Netflix's Daredevil has an amazing fight sequence that looks like it was filmed in one shot. It started in a small hallway in season 1, then it took place in a stairwell in season 2, and it turned into a lengthy tracking shot through a prison in season 3. Even though it used the same gimmick, Daredevil kept it innovative through different settings, new enemies, and fantastic choreography. In a recent appearance at Boston's Fan Expo, Cox delivered good news for those who want more of these fights in Daredevil: Born Again.
“Those fans who are excited by [oners] will not be disappointed.”
Daredevil already had a small hallway fight during his appearance in episode 8 of She-Hulk. However, it was a small tease of what audiences are used to, as it was short and wasn't done in one shot. Another "oner" from Daredevil would be a welcome return to form for the character, proving that Marvel is paying attention to what audiences enjoy.
The MCU Series Can Show Each Character's Unique Fighting Style Like Daredevil Season 3 The MCU mustn't copy Netflix, but it's not a bad idea to use the Netflix series as a model for creating fight sequences.
Another great aspect of Daredevil's fight sequences was how the choreography utilized each character's fighting ability. Season 3 featured a final fight between three characters with three different styles. Daredevil is an expert in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, while Bullseye is a lethal marksman, but Daredevil easily beats him in a hand-to-hand fight. Kingpin doesn't have martial arts abilities or great aim, but he can do devastating damage in a single blow, and it takes many hits to bring him down.
All three of these characters will be in Born Again, as will Punisher, so Marvel has an opportunity to create fights similar to the ones in Daredevil season 3. The MCU mustn't copy Netflix, but it's not a bad idea to use the Netflix series as a model for creating fight sequences and character dynamics that audiences will continue to love. It's nice to know that Marvel is continuing much of what made the Netflix series great, but Daredevil: Born Again should still strive to be creative and unique.
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