DC Definitively Settled Batman’s White Eye Debate 8 Years Ago

  • Batman v Superman showed that the classic white eye look can be effectively adapted to live-action for a chilling effect.
  • Ben Affleck's Batman proved to be a terrifying figure with the eerie white eyes, staying true to the comic design.
  • The challenge of adapting Batman's white eyes to live-action was overcome with glowing lenses in the armored suit.
One DC Universe adaptation perfectly translated the classic “white eye” Batman look to the realm of live-action, proving that the look can be both believable and intimidating. In the Batman comics, the titular Dark Knight is often depicted without his eyes being fully visible – presumably for the sake of simplifying the illustrations. The fully-masked Batman is typically shown with simple white eyes when wearing his mask. This also applies to various animated iterations of Batman and his allies, and the looks have become quite popular among Batman viewers and readers.
Although some have wondered if (and how) the Dark Knight's white eye look could work in a live-action adaptation, most live-action versions of Batman have never attempted to include it. The early Batman film serials and 1966 TV series all gave Batman fairly simple costumes, keeping them relatively close to the comic source material. Starting with the game-changing 1989 Batman film, however, Batman’s live-action suits have been various forms of high-tech armor, often with additions unique to the films themselves. Yet the white eye look would not make it to a live-action Batman film until partway through the DCEU timeline.


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