The DC Universe Casts Superman Show Star As A Perfect Flash In DC Concept Art

Jack Quaid gets imagined for his third comic book role in live-action as The Flash in James Gunn's DC Universe. In late January 2023, Gunn and Peter Safran announced several movies and TV shows for Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters." New films and series are currently being developed for heroes like Superman, Batman, and the Green Lanterns, among many more.
However, The Flash has yet to be announced as part of DC Studios' upcoming plans, as it is unclear where the iconic speedster is being placed in the DC Universe. In the meantime, graphic designer and artist Julian Bellpitched Quaid as the next big-screen incarnation of Barry Allen in new artwork.

The costume used for Quaid's Flash is one of the versions that Grant Gustin's The Flash wore in the Arrowverse TV show. Cinematically, Barry has only been depicted through the DCEU, with Ezra Miller starring in The Flash movie in 2023 as the last time the Central City hero was seen on the big screen.


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