10 Most Rewatchable Daredevil Episodes, Ranked

  • Daredevil has standout episodes full of thrilling action and compelling characters, perfect for both returning fans and newcomers.
  • The integration of Daredevil into the MCU makes now the best time to revisit the series' 3 seasons and enjoy the unforgettable standout moments.
  • From intense action sequences to gripping character development, episodes like "A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen" and "Speak of the Devil" are a must-watch.
Daredevil has some thrilling standout episodes that are worth revisiting, whether as part of a full binge of the series or on their own merits. Netflix's critically-acclaimed Daredevil series is not only one of the best Marvel shows ever accepted, but has an argument for being one of the best comic book adaptations ever made. From Charlie Cox's iconic performance as Matt Murdock to the gritty realism of Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil has so many episodes that stand out for both returning fans and newcomers curious about what they missed alike.
Now that Daredevil has been officially integrated into the MCU, it's as good a time as ever to revisit the series' 3 seasons. While Daredevil is indeed a heavily serialized drama, there are a few beats within its run that are still worth rewatching on their own, even if a full journey through the entire series might be too daunting. With so many standout scenes to pick from, ascertaining which standout episodes from Daredevil are best to come back to isn't an easy task.
10 A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen Season 2, episode 13 Season 2 expanded the universe of Daredevil like never before, introducing both Elektra and The Punisher at the same time. Matt Murdock's struggle to maintain non-lethality in the wake of both of these characters is a compelling struggle, but the culmination of his efforts in the season 2 finale needs to be seen to be believed. After returning villain Nobu lures Daredevil into a losing battle, it's up to him and Elektra to fight their way through a building of Hand ninjas.
Simply put, the action sequences on display in this episode are some of the best and most elaborate in the series. Seeing Daredevil and Elektra finally put their differences aside and work together against a horde of ninjas is intoxicatingly satisfying, even if it does result in the most tragic death of the entire show. If there's one place to knock points from the final battle, it's that The Punisher doesn't put his newly-acquired minigun to use against The Hand's army.
9 Speak Of The Devil Season 1, episode 9 Daredevil has always been a gritty and somber show, but episode 9 is where things truly begin to get serious for Matt Murdock and company. As Wilson Fisk's public popularity grows stronger, Daredevil, Foggy, and Karen's efforts to contain his threat become all the more difficult. If that weren't enough, Daredevil's identity finally is revealed to his friends after a brutal fight with the ninja Nobu, planting the seeds of doubt and mistrust.
Opening with one of the strongest dialogue exchanges in the series, the ruminations of Father Paul Lantom over the existence of the devil sets an ominous precedent for Matt Murdock and Kingpin's first in-person meeting. If these tense conversations weren't enough to make the episode worth rewatching, Dardevil's alarming confrontation with Nobu certainly does. Speak of the Devil also finally unmasks Matt Murdock as Daredevil to his friends, making for a shocking reveal.
8 New York's Finest Season 2, episode 3 Daredevil is far from the only vigilante active in New York in the Marvel Universe, and runs into one of the series' best new additions, Jon Bernthal's The Punisher, in season 2. In his debut appearance, Frank Castle encounters Daredevil for the first time, and the two clash over their opposing ideologies regarding crime. Meanwhile, Claire returns to the series for the first time since season 1, meeting up with Foggy Nelson for some hospital drama.
The philosophical debate between Daredevil and The Punisher is easily the standout moment that keeps New York's Finest. It's also a great introduction for Frank Castle in general, who will hopefully return alongside the other Netflix characters in the MCU. Capped off with another trademark hallway fight the series has become famous for, New York's Finest might not be the most important episode narratively, but is undeniably entertaining.
7 The Devil You Know Season 3, episode 6 If there's one character that took shockingly long to appear in Daredevil, it's Matt Murdock's recurring archnemesis from the comics, Bullseye. Though he never officially adopts the moniker in the series, Bullseye's first encounter with Daredevil takes place in season 3, episode 6 The Devil You Know, impersonating Daredevil under oders form Kingpin. Speaking of Kingpin, this episode sets a precedent for just how manipulative and dangerous Daredevil's criminal rival can be even from within the confines of a prison cell.
There's so much that The Devil You Know has to offer new and returning fans of the series alike. From the tense first fight between Daredevil and his doppelganger that shows off Bullseye's shocking marksmanship abilities to the often-memed "When I was a boy" speech Kingpin gives to Agent Poindexter, this particular episode is filled with series highlights that aren't to be missed. It's a shame that, being so late in the show, it requires so much background knowledge going in.
6 A New Napkin Season 3, episode 13 The official ending of Daredevil sent the series off with a bang, and is a great candidate for a casual rewatch to quickly get up to speed on where Matt Murdock's journey left off going into the MCU. As Wilson Fisk slips back into his old monstrous ways, Dex slowly begins to work himself out from under the criminal mastermind's thumb. The resulting three-way battle between the two villains and Daredevil himself is the perfect send-off to the series.
A New Napkin shows off the excellent combat choreography of Daredevil, with Daredevil's acrobatics and martial arts clashing with Dex's marksmanship and Kingpin's brute strength. The series finale also finally christens Daredevil with his nickname as the "Man without fear", and demonstrates how Kingpin was able to fall back into his vile habits after a close brush with redemption. To top it all off, the series finale sees Dex finally become Bullseye in-earnest, though the series perhaps waited too long to do so.
5 Seven Minutes In Heaven Season 2, Episode 6 One of several Kingpin-focused episodes, Seven Minutes In Heaven is where Wilson Fisk truly earns his supervillain nickname. Following him behind the scenes, the story puts into perspective how Fisk is able to exert so much control over his surroundings. In the meantime, Matt finally works up the courage to stand up for himself to his friends, giving them an ultimatum to accept his superhero identity.
All three of Kingpin, Daredevil, and Punisher's storylines are incredibly gripping in the episode, with Matt finally cutting away the tiresome "liar revealed" story of his secret identity woes and Kingpin worming his way back into power. The latter gives another fascinating insight into Fisk's way of viewing the world. If that weren't enough, the episode also sneaks in a brutal hallway fight for Frank Castle to endure in the confines of a prison, wading in the series' trademark gratuitous violence.
4 Guilty As Sin Season 2, episode 8 As exciting as Daredevil's heroic exploits are, his eponymous series was always careful not to neglect Matt Murdock's legal practice, either. Daredevil's appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law also touched on this, but no episode of the original series works better as a courtroom procedural than season 2, episode 6 Guilty as Sin. Here, Frank Castle is finally made to stand trial for his crimes, as Matt grapples with his newfound reconnection with Elektra in the background.
The infamous scene of The Punisher refusing to admonish his crimes, screaming "I liked it! Hell, I loved it! And I'm just itching to do it again!" has become the stuff of superhero meme legend. That being said, it's a genuinely fantastic monologue that emphasizes why Jon Bernthal just might be the best live-action Punisher ever cast. It's a shame the tiresome tension between Foggy, Karen, and Matt drags the episode back a bit, but the unbelievable ending more than makes up for it.
3 Blindsided Season 3, episode 4 If there's one thing Daredevil knows how to do, it's a hallway fight scene. Typically shot in one continuous take, these scenes are a testament to the series' cinematography talent and stunt choreography, being endlessly rewatchable. But perhaps the single greatest of these recurring action beats happens in season 3, in an episode revolving around Matt Murdock exploring a prison that quickly reveals itself to be enemy territory.
Boasting the single longest unbroken shot in the series, Blindsided is worth watching for the action sequences alone. In addition to that, the episode also demonstrates the true depths to which Fisk's influence reaches, able to make ambitious attempts on Matt Murdock's life even when behind bars. Ending with a shot pulled directly from the Daredevil comic Born Again, this episode is not only one of the most gripping to rewatch, but requires some of the least background info going in.
2 Shadow In The Glass Season 1, episode 8 Everyone loves a good villain origin story, and Daredevil was never one to disappoint when it came to adding layers of depth to its villains. Season 1, episode 8 Shadow In The Glass finally pulls back the curtain on Kingpin's childhood, explaining his dark past and obsessions with power, white paintings, and cufflinks. Rich with visual storytelling, this episode goes to great lengths to make fans understand how Kingpin's psyche works.
Considering how important it is in laying out Kingpin's motivations, Shadow In The Glass may as well be required viewing to understand Kingpin going into the MCU. The entry also takes a closer, fascinating look at Fisk's relationship with his Wesley, drawing a vicious feedback loop of corrupting influences. Working as a standalone origin story, Shadow In The Glass is what made Vincent D'Onofrio's performance as Wilson Fisk a must-have for the MCU.
1 Daredevil Season 1, Episode 13 It seems fitting that an episode simply titled Daredevil would be one of the most rewatchable moments in the series of the same name. The finale of season 1 sees Matt attempt to finally put a stop to Fisk's rise to power through legal means. When his damning evidence isn't enough, Matt Murdock turns to his vigilantism to save the day, officially donning the classic Daredevil costume for the first time.
The premiere of Daredevil's true appearance in the show may have come late, but it certainly wasn't a letdown. Seeing Matt try as much as he can to do things the "right" way before resorting to putting on the mask is the perfect encapsulation of his character, and works as a touchstone episode that can be endlessly returned to. With action, drama, and intrigue, it's now wonder that Daredevil is the single most rewatchable episode in the series.
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