Zoe Saldana Is Still Holding Out Hope For ‘Star Trek 4’

It’s time again to continue the cycle on the sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. Last week it was reported the long-gestating project has yet another writer, and right on queue we have one of the stars of the Kelvin movies weighing in on where Trek goes next on the big screen.
Ready for another wonderful Trek experience
Zoe Saldana is out promoting her new movie Absence of Eden, due in theaters next week. Naturally, she gets questions about some of her iconic roles including playing Nyota Uhura in 3 Star Trek movies. In an interview with The Playlist’s Discourse podcast, the actress remains optimistic about returning to Trek, saying:

Saldana’s desire to return to her Star Trek role is in contrast to the MCU. In the same podcast interview, she confirmed she has no intention of returning to the role of Gamora, although she hoped the Guardians of the Galaxy series continued, possibly with Gamora being recast.

Zoe Saldana as Uhura in Star Trek Beyond (Paramount Pictures)

Screenwriter Steve Yockey (The Flight Attendant) is reportedly taking on the latest draft of the Beyond sequel.  As reported last week, Paramount has multiple Trek films in development, with a new “franchise origin story” which may be further along than Star Trek 4. Saldana acknowledged the complicated logistics of bringing the Kelvin crew back together while also launching this new movie:

“I know that they’re always trying to sort of aim to wrangle everybody together, but I also know that Paramount is working on a new sort of fresh take on ‘Star Trek,’ which I think is such a wonderful franchise that should live for a very long time, whether or not us as the original remake cast can come back. I don’t know, but I certainly hope so.”

Unlike the Star Trek 4 project, the origin story movie already has a director (Andor’s Toby Haynes) and a script (from Seth Grahame-Smith of The Lego Batman Movie). Reportedly it is on track to start filming by the end of this year. Paramount has yet to put a Star Trek film on their release schedule and 2026 (the 60th anniversary year of Star Trek) is coming up fast.


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