Deadpool 3 Just Caused Another Major MCU Timeline Confusion

  • Deadpool & Wolverine footage shown at CinemaCon raises questions about MCU timeline with Paradox's mention of defending the Sacred Timeline.
  • If the Sacred Timeline still needs to be saved, then it's possible that Loki hasn't rearranged it yet when Deadpool is recruited by the TVA.
  • Paradox could be opposed to Loki's solution to the TVA's Sacred Timeline problems, ordering Deadpool to stop the god.
New Deadpool & Wolverine footage relased during CinemaCon raises questions about the movie's setting within the MCU's timeline. As Deadpool & Wolverine's July 2024 release date approaches, Marvel has started to release promotional material and footage. Not only has Wolverine's comic-accurate costume and mask been officially revealed, but nine full minutes of Deadpool & Wolverine have also been shown to CinemaCon attendees. While the footage doesn't reveal too much about Deadpool & Wolverine's plot beyond what the first full trailer already showed, it does include a few hints about Wade Wilson's multiversal mission with the TVA.
The Deadpool & Wolverine footage shown at CinemaCon begins with Wade Wilson as a car salesman, wishing to return to his superhero days. While celebrating his birthday, a group of TVA agents arrive to take him hostage. At the TVA's headquarters, agent Paradox explains the organization's goals to Deadpool, saying that they're tasked with protecting the Sacred Timeline, which is in need of some avenging. This explanation goes in line with everything Loki seasons 1 and 2 established about the TVA. However, the explicit mention of the Sacred Timeline may hide a secret implication.
Deadpool 3's CinemaCon Footage Suggests It's Set Before Loki Paradox's Mention Of The Sacred Timeline Suggests Loki Hasn't Rearranged It Yet Custom Image by Andy Behbakht In the Loki season 2 finale, Loki ultimately decided that the only way of saving the Sacred TImeline was to rearrange it. To achieve it, Loki grabs the disintegrating collection of timelines with his bare hands and rearranges them into a massive tree in the shape of his culture's Yggdrasil. Technically, if Paradox were to refer to the new collection of timelines, he should be calling it "the Tree" or "Yggdrasil" instead of the original "the Sacred Timeline". Most importantly, the TVA's timeline tree should no longer be in need of protection, as Loki's sacrifice is supposed to be effective.
So Wait, Is Loki The Secret Villain Of Deadpool 3? Deadpool May Have To Stop Loki From Changing The TVA's Original Sacred Timeline Close If Paradox is actually referring to the original Sacred Timeline, then it's possible that he's asking Deadpool to stop them from being rearranged by Loki. Loki season 2 revealed that not all TVA workers are on the same page regarding the organization's handling of the multiverse, and time itself doesn't flow linearly outside the Sacred Timeline, especially when Loki uses his Time-Slipping abilities. It's possible that Paradox is opposed to Loki and his allies' last-minute intervention, so he reaches out to Deadpool to help him stop the Norse god from altering time-space even further.
it's possible that whatever Paradox orders Deadpool to do unleashes more chaos upon the TVA and its timelines
This scenario seems less likely than a straightforward follow-up to Loki season 2, not only because Loki's multiversal Yggdrasil may still need to be looked after anyway, but also because Charles Xavier's evil twin sister Cassandra Nova is expected to be Deadpool & Wolverine's main villain. However, it's possible that whatever Paradox orders Deadpool to do unleashes more chaos upon the TVA and its timelines, which in turn could bring in heroes and villains from all over the multiverse. Only future Deadpool & Wolverine trailers will confirm whether Loki's actions have anything to do with Deadpool's multiversal mission.
Deadpool & Wolverine A sequel to the highly successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first film in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds is returning to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his Wolverine role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. 
Loki Having escaped from a different timeline, Loki stars in his own titular series, where he learns about the life of his predecessor and discovers the truth of time and space. In the show, Loki reluctantly becomes a part of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an interdimensional governing body that keeps time in order. On the chopping block, Loki is given a chance to save himself by helping the TVA hunt down someone more dangerous than himself - another Loki.


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