10 Wolverine Villains The MCU Can Finally Introduce

  • Wolverine's entry into the MCU opens up the opportunity for him to face off against powerful and captivating villains, given his invulnerability and fighting skills.
  • Villains like Wendigo, Ogun, and Daken, who have not been introduced on-screen yet, could add depth to Wolverine's story and explore his relationships and struggles.
  • The MCU could also explore the dynamic between Wolverine and villains like Gorgon, Cyber, Romulus, Lazaer, Bloodscream, Maestro, and Omega Red, delving into their histories and challenging Wolverine emotionally and physically.
Wolverine is finally coming to the MCU, and the famed X-Men member has no shortage of villains he could face off against. Almost 25 years after Hugh Jackman first brought him to life in Fox's X-Men film series and over 15 years after the start of the MCU with the release of the first Iron Man movie, the beast-like hero will become MCU canon, starring with Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3. Ever since Disney acquired Fox, and with it, the rights to the X-Men, there has been much speculation about the direction Marvel would take in order to consolidate all of its characters into one franchise.
With regard to Wolverine, there is a lot of potential for Marvel to put him up against some really powerful, captivating villains. With Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and regenerative healing factor granting him near invulnerability, the MCU's take on his story could lead to some incredible fight scenes and battles with the villains they end up choosing. While many villains have already been brought to life in the original X-Men film series, there are many others that are still only in the comics that would make great additions to the MCU. Here are ten of these villains and the roles they could play in the MCU's future.
Your browser does not support the video tag. 10 Wendigo Due to an ancient curse, if any person consumes human flesh in the Canadian wilderness, they are forced to become a furry, humanoid beast called the Wendigo. In the comics, the curse afflicts a man named Paul Cartier, whom the Canadian government sends Wolverine to subdue. Wolverine arrives to see Paul fighting the Hulk. This crossover between a major Avenger and X-Man likely explains why this villain never appeared before on-screen. Now that Disney owns the rights to both sets of Marvel superheroes, and has surviving versions of Hulk and Wolverine in the MCU, it could introduce the Wendigo as a way for them to meet each other.


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