Marvel Studios Just Unveiled a Brand-New Superhero for the MCU

A Funko SODA figure for the MCU"s newest original superhero has been officially revealed.
It was recently accidentally revealed that the MCU would be debuting a brand new original character in the upcoming season of What If...?, Marvel Studios" first animated series.
Her official unveiling was spoiled when images of a Funko SODA figure of the new heroine recently hit the internet.
These photos showcased the character"s name, which is Kahhori, as well as her radiant design in the show
The MCU"s Newest Superhero Officially UnveiledFunko and Marvel Studios have officially unveiled the new SODA figure of Kahhori, the MCU"s newest original superhero that is set to debut in Season 2 of What If...?.
FunkoThe figure itself showcases the character, which looks to be of Native American descent and wearing traditional clothing and face paint.
FunkoFunko also revealed that, with the purchase of the figure, collectors have a chance to find the CHASE edition. This is a special version of the figure that has glow-in-the-dark features in some places.
FunkoThe actual SODA can for Kahhori was also showcased in the unveiling. It has blue and peach-colored lettering and features Kahhori on the front, giving fans a better look at some of the detail of her clothing.
 Pre-order the new Kahhori Funko SODA figure here.
Where Will Fans See Kahhori in the MCU?As previously mentioned, Kahhori is an original superhero that will be debuting in the MCU"s animated What If...? series on Disney+.
Since she is an original character, that means that she isn"t an adaptation of any character from Marvel Comics, and her story will be entirely new and fresh when she appears in the upcoming show.
Due to her being Native American, it is possible that she could appear in the episode that is set in 1602, which also could be the same one that a version of Peggy Carter is in.
It is possible that Kahhori could also appear in future MCU projects, but not likely. If she is in the 1602 episode, she will most likely be a hero from the past.
The actual abilities and powers that Kahhori will possess are unknown at the time, and those most likely won"t be revealed until the release date for the upcoming season of the show is closer.
Season 2 of What If...? is expected to hit Disney+ sometime in early 2024.


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