7 Unanswered Star Trek Questions About Discovery

Although it started out as a prequel series, Star Trek: Discovery is now set in the Star Trek universe's far future, allowing it to address some unanswered franchise questions. Since they arrived in the 32nd century, the crew of the USS Discovery have assisted in rebuilding the Federation in the aftermath of the Burn, and averted a galactic catastrophe by establishing common ground with Species 10-C from a neighboring galaxy. As Discovery continues to expand on what life is like Star Trek's 32nd century, it can also update viewers on historic events and characters from elsewhere in the franchise.
For example, Star Trek: Discovery has already shown that Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) Romulan unification mission ultimately paid off in Discovery season 3, episode 7, "Unification III" with the introduction of the joint Vulcan-Romulan home world Ni'Var, once known as Vulcan. However, there are several other loose threads and tantalizing Star Trek events that Discovery could explore in future episodes. Here are some significant unanswered Star Trek questions that Discovery can answer.


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