Marvel’s What If Season 2 Release Date Officially Delayed

A new change to What If…?’s official listing on Disney+ suggested that the series is indefinitely delayed—with no release date in sight.
Previously, Marvel Studios announced that the second season of its first animated series would be debuting in early 2023. However, three months into the year, there’s no sign of its arrival.
A recent rumor from an industry insider claimed that What If…? Season 2 was pushed back into 2024, but neither Marvel nor Disney commented on those claims. Now, another disappointing update is here.
When Will What If Season 2 Release on Disney Plus? MarvelAs noticed by Reddit, What If...?’s official ‘Coming Soon’ page received a notable update.
While it once read “Early 2023,” the page now says “Coming Soon,” officially confirming that the series is delayed from its expected premiere within the first few months of this year.
So when will it actually debut? Insider KC Walsh recently claimed that the series won’t debut until the first quarter of 2024. While that would be a massive delay, it could be a result of Marvel Studios slowing down its Disney+ output.
While fans might not know when the series will return, Marvel did recently tease an upcoming episode of the season.
One installment will introduce an MCU original hero to the world, Kahhori. The concept of her episode asks the question, what if the Tesseract fell to Earth and landed in the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy before the colonization of America?
It’s quite the unique premise that already shows audiences how Marvel Studios aims to fully utilize the show’s potential—something many fans feel the first season failed to do on multiple occasions.
Other installments include a Winter Soldier-inspired Captain Carter story, the inclusion of Black Widow characters such as Red Guardian, an adaptation of the fan-favorite comic series 1602, and more.
The big question remains, however: when in the world will fans actually see this show continue?
Hopefully, it’ll happen sooner rather than later. It’s worth reiterating that indefinitely delayed doesn’t mean canceled—new episodes of What If…? will arrive one day.
Though, these substantial delays don’t give fans all too much hope about the show’s quality.
What If…? Season 1 is now streaming on Disney+.


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