Paul Bettany's New Vision Disney+ Show Gets Development Update

The MCU"s rumored Disney+ show centered around Paul Bettany"s Vision received a new development update that has a WandaVision connection. 
WandaVision"s ending proved that there is still some more story to tell about Vision, leading to a rumor claiming that a new Disney+ project about the android exists with the title, "Vision Quest."
Since then, there has been a plethora of rumors about Disney+"s Vision series, such as its cast of Vision-related characters from the comics and its filming start date, which should come sometime in 2024.
Marvel"s Vision Series Adds Two New Writers MarvelAs per a listing from the Writers Guild of America website, Marvel Studios" Vision Quest added Megan McDonnell and Peter Cameron to its writers" room. 
McDonnell previously served as a writer on WandaVision, with her being credited for Episode 3 and Episode 4. She is also the writer of The Marvels and episodes of Agatha: Coven of Chaos
Aside from her Marvel work, McDonnell is also the writer of Apple TV+"s Dark Matter
Meanwhile, Cameron also has a writing credit on WandaVision, serving as a co-writer on Episodes 5 and 6. He also holds credits as a writer and producer on Moon Knight, helping to write Episodes 3, 4, and 6. 
Cameron also co-wrote the teleplay for Michael Giacchino"s Werewolf By Night.
Why the Two Writers’ MCU Familiarity Benefits Vision QuestThe fact that Megan McDonnell and Peter Cameron served as writers in previous MCU projects acts as an advantage for Marvel"s Vision Quest series on Disney+. 
Given that the two scribes also worked on WandaVision, this should mean a smoother transition in terms of incorporating story elements from the previous show into Vision Quest
Moreover, the WandaVision episodes that the pair worked on were heavily focused on Wanda and Vision"s kids, which is a good sign considering that the upcoming Disney+ series is rumored to finally set up the MCU"s Young Avengers. 
Hopefully, the pair being hired for Vision Quest acts as a launchpad for more concrete updates about the WandaVision spin-off, leading to more casting announcements and official confirmation from Marvel Studios soon.
Paul Bettany"s Vision Quest has no release date yet. 


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