Marvel's Secret Invasion Gets Disney+ Release Date Update (Rumor)

A fresh rumor from an MCU scooper pointed to a new release month for Marvel Studios" Secret Invasion series on Disney+.
Marvel’s Secret Invasion looks to be scratching a few of MCU fans’ itches as it premieres on Disney+. This includes more Nick Fury and Skrulls and a return to the political thriller/espionage tone of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a longtime favorite among viewers.
The studio has been in the midst of delaying its streaming slate, with all of the upcoming MCU series recently becoming undated and merely listed as “Coming Soon.”
With Secret Invasion among that batch of delays, fans have been left wondering when the show will premiere. A new rumor might just set the record straight.
When Will Secret Invasion Release? MarvelAccording to scooper KC Walsh on Twitter, the Disney+ premiere of Secret Invasion has been delayed from May to June of this year. The insider stated that June appears to be the final release date and that it will not get pushed back again.
The Cosmic Circus’ Alex P. corroborated this rumor, responding with a gif of Jim Halpert from The Office shaking his head when another user inquired if Secret Invasion was still releasing in May.
Delays Galore for Marvel & Disney+Marvel Studios has been on a tear lately, delaying all of its Disney+ content, and even one of its films, The Marvels.
Secret Invasion possibly receiving a June release date, as opposed to its originally projected debut of May, should come as little-to-no surprise.
Still, this only pushes the forthcoming Nick Fury-led spy series back a month from where it was originally rumored to be pushed out. Fans‘ worries should probably be more focused on other shows, such as Loki Season 2 and Ironheart.
Why the rampant streaming delays though? Marvel Studios reportedly wishes to focus on quality over quantity, which should come as a welcome relief for many fans. Hopefully, the shifts in the slate will grant Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and company some extra time to make sure that each new project has the right amount of polish.
Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion stars MCU veteran Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as his Skrull ally Talos, and the show is now rumored to arrive in June.


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