HBO’s Succession Star Joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Matthew Macfadyen from HBO"s Succession is set to join the growing cast of Deadpool 3 in the MCU. 
Macfadyen - alongside the Succession team - is currently enjoying an HBO-sized victory lap, as the hit drama airs its last few episodes before ending after Season 4. 
Now, looking forward, this beloved cast of actors will look to the horizon to find what is next after the series, and one of them has settled on an exciting upcoming MCU project. 
Succession Star Joins Deadpool 3 HBOAccording to an exclusive report from Deadline, Succession"s Matthew Macfadyen has been cast in the Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman-starring Deadpool 3
The Direct’s sources have heard that Macfadyen will be playing a major role with comedic elements alongside Reynolds and Jackman. 
Disney and Marvel Studios have not confirmed Macfayden"s casting.
This comes as Macfadyen closes out his four-season run as Tom Wambsgans, the husband of Shiv Roy, played by Sarah Snook. 
Does Matthew Macfadyen Make Sense for Deadpool?Coming off his work in HBO"s Succession fans will be wondering just how well Matthew Macfadyen could fit in Deadpool 3. Well, it could actually work pretty darn well. 
The actor has plenty of experience being the butt of the joke alongside the Roy family in the hit HBO drama, something that he will surely be doing alongside Ryan Reynolds" Merc with a Mouth. 
There might be no actor more well-equipped to have obscenities hurled at him by a co-star than Macfadyen, having plenty of experience in Succession
As for who he could play, one character that has been thrown around is Hydra Bob. The comedic comic book character was referenced in the first Deadpool film, and sort of serves as an even more ridiculous version of Reynolds" scarlet sadist.
If Macfadyen were to take on Hydra Bob in the upcoming threequel, he could be the perfect leavening agent to the trio that will be Deadpool, Wolverine, and Macfadyen"s unnamed character.
With Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine being the serious one of the group, Hydra Bob would be even more ridiculous than Wade Wilson, making Deadpool sort of the down-the-middle straight shooter of the bunch, pointing out just how insane this all really is. 
Deadpool 3 is set to debut in theaters worldwide on November 8, 2024. 


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